Aarushi Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

A Mumbai-based actor and leading Hindi film star, Aarushi Punjabi, have become one of the biggest stars of the Indian film industry. Aarushi’s two big hit movies “Singh saatchi” and “Chak De! India” have bagged him several awards and made him a star in the midst of the Bollywood industry. Many critics however, opine that Aarushi’s recent roles have taken him away from his comfort zone and have reduced his acting prowess to some extent.

Aarushi Net Worth Is $0.2 Million

The actor’s name is familiar to all of us. His first major role was in the hit movie, “Khey kya!”. This actor’s performance saw him emerge as a leading man in the Indian Film industry. Aarushi’s next films “Chak De! India” and “Singh saatchi” saw him trying his hand at different genre of roles.

But with each of these films, Aarushi’s earnings did not fluctuate but went up. Even in “Chak De! India”, his paycheck reportedly shot up by a good 15% from his previous films. But then again, Aarushi has not attempted to play superheroes in any of his movies and apparently has no plans of doing so anytime soon.

Now Aarushi is earning his second fortune in Hindi films with a role in “Amitabhumi”. This is a romantic comedy directed by Shimit Amin. So, what does Aarushi’s salary mean to us? Well, while earning good money from a Hindi film, an actor is being paid according to the average time that he is required to hang out in the movie. If the actor is busy in many scenes, his salary will go up.

The role that we are talking about here is the father of a girl named Prem Chopra. In one scene, Aarushi is seen playing the role of Prem Chopra’s henchman. This has earned Aarushi quite a good deal of money. The catch in all this is that Prem Chopra is a much loved character in Bollywood and Aarushi was willing to take this role just because of the money that he is getting.

Another Bollywood actor who is getting good salary from TV serials is Om Puri. An Indian actor Om Puri first appeared on the screens in the hit television serials “Doonesbury”. After that he appeared in many more popular television serials and even got a role in “Yeh Meri Durbar”. Now with every good role that he plays, the box office for his films keep going up.