Achyut Potdar’s Net Worth 2021- Salary, Earnings & Earnings

An Indian actor by the name of Achyut Potdar is one of the most popular names among the Bollywood heavyweights. He has been in the limelight for the last three decades now and has managed to win multiple accolades and awards during this period. What more can a person ask for in an actor? Some of his best known roles in the movies have been on the silver screen, on the big screen, block buster and many more genres.

Achyut Potdar’s Net Worth is $10.5 Million

A Bollywood actor’s salary varies as per the contract and the actor’s personal preferences. Most importantly, one must consider the length of time that the person has been working with Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies are made on a two to three year installment cycle and hence, the actor’s salary expectations would have to be accordingly adjusted. Another point of discussion is the age factor. The older the actor gets, the higher is the actor’s salary. Usually, the two key players in a Bollywood movie are the leading and supporting actors and the younger ones like normal actors are not paid much.

Achyut’s salary also depends upon the type of film that he is attached to. For instance, if he is attached to an action film then the money will obviously be high. On the other hand, if the film is a comedy then the amount of money that one will be getting will be lesser. The leading actors and directors earn the highest amount of money while the support characters or supporting actors make less money. Other factors like the fame of the actor, the special effect, the script and the popularity all contribute towards Bollywood film directors earning the maximum.

Similarly, there are other factors like awards that the actor wins, accolades and the like that influence the Bollywood actor’s salary also. Since they are so popular and known, almost every film director and producer want them to be part of their team. Therefore, the actors become rich very quickly. The best part is that even if they don’t win any awards, they are still handsomely paid.

For many actors and actresses, the main role that they play is that of the loveable rogue, the anti-hero. They usually have small roles in the big films. They make their presence felt in the movies as an important character. Some of the major players in this category are Sharukh Khan, Om Puri, Karthikeyan, and many more. There are other supporting characters who help the hero in his quest. The salary of these characters is also high.

Finally, there is one more category of actor that deserves mention. That is the character actor or the one who plays the important supporting roles. If we include all these, the actor or actresses who receive the highest Bollywood paycheck are the Punjabi actors. The average Bollywood actor’s net worth is about $300k per annum. However, it depends on the kind of career he has chosen.