Ajay Devgn’s Net Worth 2021- Income, Salary & Earnings

How much is Ajay Devgn’s Net Worth? What’s the average Indian salary? The answers to these questions depend on whom you ask. The responses of Indians to these queries are as varied as the people themselves. The responses range from “Ajay is a superstar who earn millions, and he deserves every penny,” to “Ajay is an orphan who earns barely enough to support his mistress and kids.” No matter which response you get, Ajay’s Net Worth is still Ajay Devgn.

Ajay Devgn’s Net Worth is 298 Crore INR

Most importantly, Ajay is Indian. Unlike some other famous actors in Bollywood, Ajay did not grow up in a villa on theollywood Boulevard. Ajay grew up in a small village near Mangalore in Karnataka, India. His parents were farmers, and his personality shows the influence of their agricultural background: in Ajay’s films, you will see him working with a machine that his father has designed, or he may be seen outside in the fields picking vegetables.

Ajay has been married to Annette Benning, a Dutch woman, since 1994. Benning is also an actress, and she played a key role in Ajay’s breakthrough role of Priyadarshan in the movie “Kurban”. Priyadarshan was basically the headmaster of Deccan Gymkhana, one of the most important colleges in Bollywood. Ajay worked in the administration part while studying in gymkhana, and so, his earning potential is supported by the salary he receives from this prestigious college. As one of the best-paid actors in Bollywood, and as the highest-paid male actor in India, Ajay is expected to earn millions upon millions of dollars for the next few years.

Another important actor in Bollywood, whose Net Worth is also determined by his acting abilities, is Mukesh Bhatt. Bhatt is another notable character in Hindi films, and he has been paid good sums for his roles in the last few films. Bhatt is known to have received lucrative contracts in the past, and he is also on the threshold of being made an actor widely recognized by the Indian people. Bhatt’s income from films is sufficient enough to support his family and to meet his obligations as an actor.

There are other prominent personalities in Bollywood that also earn millions of dollars from their movies. These include Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who has been nominated for the best director category at the Golden Globe Awards, as well as for the best actor award at the Satellite Awards. Apart from Bhansali, Nitin Rathore, Jodha Akbar, and Suraj Badhja have also bagged some high-end roles in Hollywood movies. They all have proven their mettle as actors in Bollywood, but there is one actor who can challenge their status, if they wish to: Vijay Shankarachari. The erstwhile prince of Mysore is not only known for his great films like Mankatha and Baahubali, but he is also famous for his supporting roles in some lesser known movies. Even though he is yet to be made into a household name like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shankarachari is established enough in Bollywood, to earn a good amount of money from the film industry.

Ajay and Vijay are both extremely well known faces in Bollywood, and they both enjoy widespread popularity among the masses. However, it seems that Ajay has more impact on the audience, because he is the chosen one more often while choosing the actor of the year from Bollywood. And when compared to Vijay, Ajay has actually been earning more for his roles, thanks to his popularity. With such good earning power in Bollywood, it is very likely that Ajay will continue to be in the lime light, throughout his lifetime.