Alex Diakun Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Age & Biography

Alex Diakun is a popular and well known actor of Canadian descent. His real name is Alex Haley and he was born in Canada where he was raised. He is best known for playing the title role in the movie A Place of Execution. Alex Diakun is currently married to actress Tilda Swinton and the two have three children. Alex Diakun net worth was estimated at nearly seventy seven million dollars by some sources and other sources say that it is closer to sixty million.

Alex Diakun Net Worth

Alex Diakun Net Worth is $6 Million

Alex Diakun Canadian TV actor and son of actor Alex Diakun, Tilda Swinton played a pivotal role in the making of Alex Diakun’s film A Place of Execution. The two had worked together previously as a director and a casting assistant on a Canadian stage production. Tilda Swinton along with her husband Richard Cusack played a pivotal role in casting Alex Diakun as the main character in A Place of Execution. The two had worked very closely on the casting of Alex Diakun and Tilda Swinton not only became good friends with Alex Diakun but Tilda Swinton knew Alex Diakun well and even appeared in a couple of her films prior to A Place of Execution.

Alex Diakun Full Biography

Full Name Alex Diakun
Net Worth $6 Million
Date of Birth February 8, 1946
Age 75 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Alex Diakun net worth is most likely somewhere around one million dollars. This estimation is based on information provided by the reliable biographical website WhoIs. Alex Diakun was born in Scarborough on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia and is listed as a North American native according to the genealogy website. The birth records were recovered from the offices of the Nova Scotia government. The age of Alex Diakun was given as twenty one years old but this could be either a typo or an error since the birth record was recovered from the 1800s and could have been updated.

It is most likely that Alex Diakun is a member of one of the darker families in the Diakun province. There is no other solid information about Alex Diakun’s background however it seems that he does have some Russian blood in his veins. This would make Alex a member of the Russian aristocracy and his Russian wife’s family would be in a strong position to have ensured that Alex Diakun’s Estate was protected in the wills. If so, then the question of how much Tilda Swinton’s and Alex Diakun’s family made from the estate of Alex Diakun will remain unanswered.

Tilda Swinton’s Net Worth appears to be much lower than the estimated wealth of Alex Diakun however this could be because of the many roles she has played throughout the years and also because she is much older than Alex Diakun. In her earlier films, Tilda played the daughter of a well to do family who was a talented singer and dancer however in the later films she appeared as the mother of a young star studded family in one of the best film franchises ever produced by MGM. Tilda Swinton is also known to be married to an American as is her son Vincent. She has also lived in several countries including Russia, England and Australia although her current country of residence is in London.

How much is Alex Diakun worth? We shall find out soon as the world awaits word on how much Tilda Swinton’s Oscar winning movie, The Great Bazaar, will earn in its first weekend of release. If you are looking to invest in this film then you should consider buying Alex Diakun stock which has just hit the headlines after being mentioned by Alex Diakun himself during a chat show. Alex Diakun is rumoured to be a producer and will be directing the forthcoming feature film. You can join Alex Diakun on his personal social media sites as he promotes his movie in a bid to raise much needed funds for the project.