Alf Humphreys Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Alf Humphreys was born in Canada. He is of German and Irish decent. Alf Humphreys has been an onscreen character since he appeared in the TV series of ” Alf,” a spinoff of “Alf involving King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.” He is currently of Canadian and English decent.

Alf Humphreys Net Worth

Alf Humphreys Net Worth is $ USD 1 Million

The youngest of three children, Alf was often seen as the child that was not like other children in television. Alf’s father, George, was a plumber and never knew Alf’s true identity. Alf spent much of his childhood in and out of foster homes. He was homeschooled throughout most of his childhood by his foster parent and sisters. His net worth is calculated at about two million pounds.

Alf Humphreys Full Biography

Full Name Alf Humphreys
Net Worth USD 1 Million
Date of Birth 1953–2018
Age 64 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Alf has played many characters in different television programs such as “A Alf” and “The Pillars of the Earth.” He has also been on the big screen in the movies ” Patton” and “A Christmas Story.” In addition, Alf played the wimpy Kid in the popular TV series “Dharma” as well as “Who’s That Bag?” Both of these shows earned him a number of awards during his stay on “Dharma.”

Alf was an only child until he was nine years old. His family had moved to Canada from England when Alf was four. His biological father, George, worked for a plumbing company. He took Alf and his two siblings on vacation on the old fashioned ranches in Canada during summer.

During this time his two siblings became more knowledgeable about life in Canada and wanted to visit their home country. Alf’s two younger siblings were not as interested in learning about their adopted country so they left him and went on their own vacations. Alf and his family were not able to return for their vacation due to illness. His older brother, Wanda, who was three at the time, became very upset and did not want to return to Canada. Alf was in despair because his biographer wrote that his family only had one vacation a year.

When Alf Humphreys net worth was brought into question in 2021, his representatives stated that his family was not in debt. Alf had purchased his home after his family returned from their vacation in Canada. The family was not in debt. Alf was not asked to leave Canada by his family nor did his siblings request that Alf leave the country.