Aliyah Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

Aliyah is a WWE Diva from Scotland. She is one of the newest members of the WWE roster and was a very popular performer in her home country before she came over to the United States. She is popular amongst other female Divas for her sultry looks and attitude. So how much is Aliyah worth?

Aliyah Net Worth Is $8 Million

I think Aliyah is one of the cutest Divas ever. She exudes beauty and sex appeal. Many people have compared her to Diva Queen Latifah from “Edenia”, but I think Aliyah deserves more of the spotlight. She has had a very hard time in getting over her relationship with boyfriend Dean Lewis, so it would be great to see her get some of her own spotlight in WWE.

What is Aliyah worth? Well, that seems to depend on what you want to put her value on. How much do you want to know about her background? Do you want to find out about the schooling that she got? What is she related to in the wrestling world? All these things can determine how much you want to pay Aliyah.

However, I don’t think Aliyah deserves to be paid so much. I think she should be paid the same as any other Diva. She did not get a big pay check when she joined the WWE. The main reason I think she deserves more is because she is a true Diva. She has trained really hard for this profession and has been doing it for a long time.

Many wrestlers in WWE make a lot of money and then they retire or get injured. Aliyah could be one of those retired wrestlers. She has trained her entire life for this career and could just be a diva who is paid an average paycheck. If you ask me, I will stick with the idea that Aliyah deserves more.

As a final thought, do not judge women by their looks or their gender. We are all created equal and each one of us has our place in this great world. There are many great wrestlers in this world, but I am sure that Aliyah holds her own. As for me though, I am definitely going to give Aliyah the full credit that she deserves.

You may think that money talks, but I disagree. This is the true reason why I believe that Aliyah deserves to be paid what she is worth. There is nothing wrong with a man making more than a woman. Why would there be any issue with a woman?

The real question here is “deserving”. Why should someone deserve more than someone else? I believe that Aliyah does because she put in more effort into becoming a wrestler than anyone else has. She has trained herself since she was a little girl. The next time you see her in a wrestling match, don’t forget that she is a true Diva.