Amit Bhargav Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Amit Bhargav, a.k.a. Amitabh has built his filmography expertise in television, theater, video games, and internet based entertainment. His first notable role was in the hit sitcom “Vishy Kapoor: Hear After” as the gangster named Chitika who was a main adversary of S.S. Leela.

Amit’s other notable works are “Chikni Chameli” and “The Pirate’s Apprentice”. As per a recent research, Amit Bhargav is one of the youngest and highest paid on prime time TV shows. His net worth has been estimated at $1,500,000. Now-a-days, it is not just about earning money but also how much you earn from your filmography. How much do you earn from Amit Bhargav?

Amit Bhargav  Full Biography

Full Name Amit Bhargav
Net Worth $ USD 9 Milion
Date of Birth November 25, 1989
Age 31Years
Contact Number Unknown

Amit’s official website says that Amit has started a new career in India after he completed his two-term stint in Hollywood. Amit has acted in a number of Indian movies made by prominent directors like Sharukh Khan, Mukesh Bhatt, Ravi Teja, P.S. Amit and Ravi Kriengne. His latest film “Nanban” that was released in India last month did well to establish Amit as an important actor in the big screen industry in India. His films “Chikni Chameli”, “Basti”, “Kheti”, “Iruvar” and “Ek Singhar” have all been received with warm welcome by Indian audiences.

The reason why Amit Bhargav is earning a million dollar a year and is being touted as a one million dollar a year actor is simply because he is playing two distinct characters in two different movies, one as a villain in the movie “Nanban”, and another as a hero in the movie “Basti”. Most of us Indians do not know that Amit has two roles in two different films, thus making him one million dollars a year income television actor in India. Furthermore we are not aware that Kamal has three films in the range of a hundred and forty to one hundred and sixty minutes long respectively. Therefore, it is believed that both Kamal and Amit Bhargav are earning a million dollar a year income tv actor in India.

Amit Bhargav has a small but meaningful role in the movie called “Iruvar”. This film has been directed by S.S. Rajamouli and has been released in the month of May/June 2021. The plot of this film is about a young girl, played by the Hindi actress Anushka Shetty, who falls in love with an Air Force officer called Ajit Bhargava. The character is played by an amazing Hindi cinema actor called Amitabh Bachhan, who is best known for his work in the movie “Singh in King size Bed”. The actress Anushka has amazing hair and skin, which have earned her a million dollar a year TV series called “Iruvar”. The name of the character that Amit played in this movie, actually inspired a series of books by the same author named S.S. Rajamouli, which is a Hindi writer and producer of Hindi movies and television serials.

Amit bhargava’s acting talents are widely praised by all the people across the globe, and not just because he has a one man show in the tamil tv series “Iruvar”. People love Amit Bhargav due to his extremely charming and elegant looks and sparkling personality. Amit has also gained much popularity within the last two weeks because of his acceptance to appear in the prestigious Film Farewell awards that were organized in Mumbai and Toronto. This was Amit’s first big break in his career, and even though he lost out to an American actor by a long shot, this performance by Amit Bhargav has made him very popular within the shortest time possible.