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Sonam Bajwa Net Worth: Who is this actress? This article is about the Indian actress who is popularly known as Doona Dagoba. Sonam Bajwa was born in 1983 in Mangalore in Karnataka state of India and is one of six siblings. She grew up surrounded by film and television industry in India. She gained attention after her first big film “Kurban”, which did not do well in the box office but still she continued to do movies and went on to star in many more films and won critical acclaim for her acting skills.

With her acting skills she was able to hone her acting skills into a director’s cut for many films and went on to act in some more critically acclaimed films and won two Filmfare Awards for her performances in Kolkata. The question is, how much does She actually earn? And what are her salary per month and how much rich is She in the present day? Let us analyse some facts about this actress who seems to be in great demand even today.

Amna Sayeed Full biography

Full Name Amna Sayeed
Net Worth $5 Million
Date of Birth 27 September 1982
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown


According to media reports, She is one of the few Indian actresses who has made more than one movie. Doona Dagoba’s net worth is mentioned as being somewhere between eight to ten million dollars. She is a popular face of Bollywood whose name is well known all over the world and is known to play the role of different characters.

Though it is not specified how much she earns, we can presume that her paycheck is relatively decent considering the kind of roles she plays. She is one of the few Bollywood actresses who have made multiple movies and has acted in some high-budget movies. Her current projects are likely to be franchise ones. So, if she continues with these projects and makes a lot of money then we can safely say that the net worth of the actor may have shot up.

Sonam Bajwa is yet another actor of Bollywood whose net worth is not known officially. However, the reviews of her recent films have been good enough to make us feel positive about the actress’ earnings potential. The reviews speak in terms of a healthy income and are quite encouraging. If this trend continues, one can safely say that Bollywood may soon be the hub of the Indian film industry.

The question then remains. How much is She really worth? Bollywood insiders claim that She is earning comfortably between six thousand to seven thousand dollars per film. However, according to one news report, Sonam Bajwa has received eight movies since her entry in Bollywood. So at least one part of our population in India seems to be earning good money from Bollywood. Is it any wonder that Bollywood’s Net Worth remains a mystery?