Amrish Puri Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Amrish Puri is one of the most popular and well-known face of Indian cinema. His latest action thriller ‘Kurban’ made him a star and earned him more than enough accolades to mention. But apart from that, Amrish Puri has also managed to win critical acclaim and many awards for his acting prowess. His name graced the screens of more than 80 films and he was ranked among the best male characters in first few Indian movies ever made. Amrish Puri’s net worth is yet another intriguing question to be answered; so let us get cracking!

Amrish Puri’s Net Worth – Birth: Amrish Puri was born in Vrindavan, an ancient Hindu town of Orissa state in India. His father, Sewoorim Dura was a prominent lawyer of the time. Amrish was once very close to his father, but they parted ways when Amrish was only three years old. On early adulthood, Amrish went to live with his aunt and uncle in Mumbai where he became a well known boxer and actor. Later on, he joined the army and rose to be a captain in the Indian Light Infantry.

Amrish Puri  Full biography

Full Name Amrish Puri
Net Worth $20 Million
Date of Birth 22 June 1932
Age 72 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Amrish Puri Net Worth – Amrish Puri was born in a family that had a tradition of doing business from the home. The name of Amrish Puri is derived from his mother, who was an excellent cook. She used to make Amrish some delicious chicken recipe that he loved and that later he passed on to his son. From then on Amrish Puri attended the Chanakya Sanskrit University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in history in the year nineteen eighty-two. After this he worked as a reporter for a printing company before he decided to take up acting professionally. He tried out for some British movies before landing a role in the Indian movie industry in the film ‘Chor Pyaar Kyun’.

Amrish Puri’s Net Worth – Amrish Puri is an Indian movie actor who has been awarded with a number of honors for his outstanding performance in films such as ‘Chor Pyaar Kyun’, ‘azaaris’, ‘Mankatha’ and many more. Amrish Puri’s estimated net worth is about Rs 65 million. This is based on the fact that Amrish has two companies, namely Sony Pictures Entertainment and Star Vista Media Corporation which hold his Indian stock bonds. Sony has released ‘Sholav Shimla’ and ‘Singh In’ and Star Vista has released ‘Chor Pyaar Kyun’. As of the date of this writing, Amrish is yet to release any movies in the series.

Priyankutty – Star of the hit movie franchise ‘The Great Indian Laughter Festival’ Priyankutty is another popular Indian movie actor who has been awarded with a lot of honors for his acting skills. Priyankutty is one of the most loved characters in the movie franchise whose popularity went past Bollywood’s imagination. He has also won many Film Farewell Awards for his performance. Much of his net worth is estimated by the fact that he has a production company that he co-owns with Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd.

Ashok Puri – This Indian movie actor is widely known as Ashok Puri due to his great contribution towards the betterment of Indian cinema. It was thanks to his roles in the movies that Hindi films acquired the reputation of not being kinky and violent. Many of the critics even described him as the best known male sex symbol in the Hindi cinema. Ashok Puris net worth is estimated at about Rs 15 million.