Amulya Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Amulya Net Worth is a known face of the Bollywood industry. She is one of the major faces of Indian cinema. Amulya Net Worth is a famous actress and singer of Indian origin. She has so far made such huge amount of money form her first career in movies. She is so popular that even her first name is already in use by many youngsters around the world. She is known by her beautiful looks, her blue eyes and her slim figure.

Amulya Net Worth is a movie actress who has so far made more than a hundred movies. Her first two films where “Mankatha” and “Chak De! India” made her famous.

Amulya Full biography

Full Name Amulya
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth  14/09/1993
Age 27 Years
Contact Number Unknown


The first part of her name is also related to her career and her net worth. Amulya means “Malkuth”. If we check out the Hindi word, it is written as Amulya Mangesh. The name of the actor herself is also interesting enough, it is called Amulya Mangesh.

The interesting fact about Amulya Net Worth is that, she has never released a movie herself. She has been married to this most respected name of an Indian cinema personality. She is one of the rarest kind of actresses that has not yet made any movies of her own. She is a complete package of beauty. She is attractive and her looks are above average, so her net worth is mostly based on the way in which she looks.

Amulya Net Worth is believed to be higher than the actual figure by at least a hundred thousand dollars. She is the kind of woman who has been able to fulfill her role in more than one movie. She is popular among the elite and the middle class. Amulya is one of the rarest kind of female movie actress who has been able to earn millions of dollars with her acting skills alone. She has done several films in the Bollywood industry.

Amulya Net Worth is not only the highest paid female actresses but this has earned her the reputation of being one of the highest paid actresses of all time. Amulya’s total salary is believed to have reached at least five million dollars and this is the maximum that she has ever earned. Amulya Net Worth is actually a mixture of various salaries such as her film fee, her personal earnings from various roles she has played in the recent past and her various contracts. This is one of the rare examples of a successful actress who has been able to make a huge entry into the high level business world with an average income.