Angad Bedi’s Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

Who else remembers Bollywood actor Angad Bedi as the boxing champion from India? Bedi, with his memorable portrayal of the boxer Vijay in the hit movie, fought a grueling war against an evil Raja tribe with amazing courage. He won and he came out as a true winner. Bedi is now an actor most known for his roles in television and films. But, is he really as rich as he claims to be?

Angad Bedi’s Net Worth is $5 million

Bedi is currently making over three-six millions of Rupees per month (depending on which Hindi newspaper you consult) with his various roles. Although, how much is Angad Bedi Earnings? Bedi made his first film, Mankatha, way back in 1985 and since then has starred in some fantastic films, including Bandit (1990), Khaleja (1993), Jodha Akbar (1994), and finally Mankatha (1996). His income surely has helped him build huge Bollywood careers and also contributed to his impressive fortune. How much money is Angad Bedi’s?

The answer to this question is complicated. On one hand, Bedi is known to take home a decent amount of money for the role that he plays. However, the box office earnings are pretty low considering the popularity of certain films. But Bedi, with all his varied talents, is able to attract an audience by playing different characters and genres. So, this might be another factor that will be considered when calculating his Bollywood earnings.

Another way of looking at Bedi’s Net Worth is to base it on his acceptance to different awards contests. If we were to look at his resume, we can note that he has been nominated for most of the film awards in the recent years. There are actually quite a few awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director in a Feature Film and Best Supporting Actor. It is pretty clear that Bedi has definitely established himself as an actor who commands good salaries.

But in terms of earning, Bedi has actually been able to match what other leading actors earn. What is more, his salary does not even seem to be proportionate to the role that he has been assigned. Take for example, if a leading character in a movie is played by an unknown actor, then the salary will definitely be lower than that of an acclaimed and well-known actor like Bedi. So, how much money is Bedi’s per role?

We can say that Bedi’s Net Worth is based on the number of role models that he has. There are a number of Bollywood celebrities who are earning huge amounts of money and have nothing to do with acting. The reason is that their roles are not so big and the earnings are not that high. It is for this reason that many Bollywood actor believe that they are better actors if they do not engage in taking up roles that require them to take up bigger roles. In fact, Bedi has admitted that he spends too much time on TV shows and films, which are also paid roles, and is now looking for better roles to take up.