Anoop Krishnan Net Worth 2022, Income, Height, Age & Weight

Anoop Krishnan, the thirty-six-year-old Indian actor who is best known for his leading role as a Bond villain in the movie, Casino Royale, is being eyed as the next Bond. Reports in the Indian news daily, Indian Life, states that Anoop is in talks with Universal Studios to play Bond in a future Bond movie. This would be Anoop’s third Bond role after the two films, Skyfall and Quantum of Solace. The news report does not specify if Anoop is being seriously considered or merely on the table as an option for Bond.

Anoop Krishnan Net Worth

Anoop Krishnan Net Worth is  $0.5 Million

Anoop Krishnan is an intelligent and educated actor who has made the mistake of comparing himself with British film star Sean Connery. Anoop Krishnan claims that he is just as good as Sean Connery but is much better at playing Bond. He is from India. He has also made a name for himself in the Hindi film industry, working with some of the best known Hindi directors in the country such as Mahesh Babu, Suraj Badhja and Anushka Shetty. Net worth in next 5 years is expected to go between six to seven million dollars.

Anoop Krishnan Full Biography

Full Name Anoop Krishnan
Net Worth $5-6 million.
Date of Birth May 7, 1990
Age 31 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Anoop is currently earning about four million pounds per year. He is married to a British actress called Nana Aruna. They have a daughter called Priyanka, whom Anoop plays in one of his films. In an interview in Livety that was carried out by India Today, Anoop said that he had always been open to a part in a Bond movie, but had never been asked to do so. “Bond was my choice. I like playing men, that’s why Bond was ideal,” he said.

From this interview, it appears that Anoop has done very well at playing Bond and earning him good earnings. According to reports, Anoop has made over twenty movies in the past eight years and as of now, has earned more than three hundred million pounds from these movies. This makes him one of the highest earning actors in India today.

Anoop is no stranger to Hollywood. He has appeared in the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes film, “Cabaret”, as well as the Harry Potter movie, “ement”. Apart from these films, Anoop Koyni has also acted in commercials for Mercedes Benz and Dior. His income is almost entirely dependent on the success of his Bond movies and in particular, on the latest Bond villain, Jaws. Anoop played the role of Jaws in the first two Bond movies and since the second movie, he has been given a leading role in every single Bond movie till date. The success of the latest Bond movie, “A view to Eat You” was probably due to the association between Anoop Koyni, who played the villain, and director, Skyfall.

Anoop Koyni’s good income and his fame have also allowed him to take luxurious flights throughout the world. Anoop has been spotted in the luxurious private and chartered jets of London and Dubai. Anoop’s income is supported by various ad agencies and he seems to lead a luxurious life. Other than Ad agencies, Anoop also receives support from production houses, whose movies he has been a part of, such as Skyfall, Casino, Man on the Moon, MIB: Men in Black, Trains of Fire and the Twilight series.