Apurva Agnihotri Net Worth 2022, Income, Weight , Height, Age

Apurva Agnihotri’s net worth is on the rise. Recently she was nominated for an Oscar for her role as a character in the film ‘Singh in King’s Court’. Apurva Agnihotri’s name is well known in India as the face of Avlon cosmetics and she is currently one of the top paid female actors on television in India. Apurva Agnihotri, as she is fondly called, is known to wear very classic and tasteful outfits in public, and she has often been the butt of many cruel jokes on prime time television. She appears to be at times seen as the quintessential Indian woman, always smart and dressed in the most classy of fashions.

Apurva Agnihotri’s name comes from the words,” AFTER ROOMBA” and therefore was born in Bangladesh, India. She was married to Kamil Bilal Khan, the leader of the Islamic terrorist group, al Qaeda, and later changed her name to Apurva Agnihotri. Her current agent is Manish Malhotra. Apurva Agnihotri net worth is in excess of six figures and continues to build upon her impressive filmography and numerous honors which have graced her path to stardom.

Apurva Agnihotri Full Biography

Full Name Apurva Agnihotri
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth December 2, 1972
Age 47 Years
Contact Number Unknown

A.G. – “A.G.” is an honor given to Apurva Agnihotri by the Indian Film Council when she was awarded the first National Award for Best Actress in 2021 for her role as an actress in the film “Singh in King’s Court.” Her other honors include an Honorary Academy Award, the Order of the British empire OBE and Member of the Order of the British empire CBE.

Apurva Agnihotri has appeared in a variety of high profile films, but her greatest claim to fame may be her association with the much-hyped height illusion product height Fix. She is currently associated with the product that is much maligned by celebrities and the media alike. There are various reports stating that Apurva Agnihotri’s real biological height is much shorter than what she professes to be, as well as reports of her supposed short height actually being much longer than she claims to be. Apurva Agnihotri’s spokesperson has consistently denied that Apurva Agnihotri lacks height and has additionally stated that Apurva Agnihotri’s real height is 6 ft 4 ins. However, several videos of Apurva Agnihotri can be found on the internet which allegedly show her to be much shorter than the actress has purported to be.

Apurva Agnihotri’s official website lists her age as 47 years old, although this is not consistent with her earlier published age. Some sources list her as being much older, while others list her as being much younger than her official age. The reason for these inconsistencies is due to the fact that Agnihotri has different hairstyles depending on the period of her life in which she is talking about. For example, some pictures from her earlier work to show her in her trademark short hairdo, while other pictures show her in long curls.

Apurva Agnihotri’s other notable works include Kalidasa, which was later turned into Ananya Kapoor’s Bombay: The True Story, a stage play based on the life of iconic artist Indira Gandhi. Apurva Agnihotri’s first role in the flagship of Kapoor was in the play Khaleja (which translates to Blackmail) in 1972. She went on to play the character of Dr Narayan in the same play, and Kalidasa in the sequel of the same play, Kalidasa. No doubt, Apurva Agnihotri has had a very varied career, and even appeared in some more recent movies such as Baahubali 2, and Apurva Agnihotri was even seen in an Indian film as part of the ensemble cast of the movie, titled Apurva Mumbai. Her most noteworthy role in Apurva Agnihotri net worth is perhaps in the play of Dr. Churubashala in Apurva Agnihotri’s novel, Apurva, where she plays the role of a surgeon who comes to the assistance of the protagonist, after his plane crashes in the mountains.