Aravindo Ravi Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

A Tamil actor from Tamil cinema, Aravindo Ravi turns 65 this year. In the recent past Aravindo has been in the limelight not just from his acting skills but also for his contributions to the society. His contribution to the Tamil society started way back when he started acting in some Tamil movies. Even today Aedi is considered as an icon in the Tamil cinema industry.

Aadi has been performing in some heart wrenching movies. But whatever his role in the movies Aadi has always put in a good show. But whatever be his contribution Aadi has always earned Aadi worthiness. Today Aadi is well in demand as an actor in various kinds of movies making him a box office draw.

 Aravindo Ravi Full biography

Full Name Aravindo Ravi
Net Worth $ 2.6 billion
Date of Birth Jul 27, 1982
Age 52 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Aadi has always been on the top of the list for being on the big roll in Tamil cinema. But with the increasing popularity of Aadi there are many other actors who are looking up to Aadi. They are looking up to earn some Aadi rice or Aadi kurme. But in Aadi’s case he has always been the kingpin drawing the maximum amount of money from the box office.

Aadi’s latest film “Kathakum” which is being directed by Vijay and starring Akshay Kumar and Madhubala was received with great excitement by the critics and Cinema directors across the country. This film is going to be Aadi’s first hit in the cinemas after the poorly performing “Sivar”. Aadi has been given a tough time in this film with the director and producer asking Aadi to take more difficult shots. But Aadi stuck to his tough approach and earned the praise and appreciation from the directors. Aadi was awarded best actor award at the first consecutive Tamil Film Festival.

Recently Akshay has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Endhiran”. Akshay’s previous two films have been accepted by the Cinema directors of India and the United States. “Kathakum” is expected to perform strongly in the box office in the next few weeks as it opens in Tamil and English and looks to be a great hit in both the languages. Akshay has been very successful in India and overseas with his various roles and has earned great accolades for his effort.

Recent Rajinikanth film “Endhiran” which was directed by S.S. Rajamouli and has been receiving great reviews has been receiving good business from the box office. Director S.S. Rajamouli had planned the film as a comedy with Rajinikanth playing the lead role. But the actor refused to co-operate with the film collapsed within days of its release. This was seen as a major rejection by Rajinikanth and since then there has been no other Tamil actor who has openly opposed the film industry. Akshay seems to be the exception rather than the norm in this regard.