Arbaaz Khan Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

Today the world is talking about Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan and his earnings. The question is that how much exactly is Arbaaz Khan earning through his films? This article tries to understand and analyse the earnings of this actor. We will see how much Bollywood pays its actors and actresses, how much is their average earnings and also how much they are earning as per the demands of the industry. After reading this article you should be able to understand what exactly is Bollywood’s average earning of an actor and an actress.

Arbaaz Khan Net Worth is around $73 Million US

First of all we have to understand the terms used in the industry. In Bollywood movies the actress’ and the lead actor’s salaries are known as the Bollywood paycheck. For releasing foreign films the leading actor or star of the film earns the foreign film paycheck which is almost always more than the Bollywood paycheck. Similarly, the producer of the film also receives higher amount of pay than the Bollywood paycheck.

Then we come to the percentage of the gross, which is paid to the actor. Most of the movies which are directed by Shah Rukh Khan gets a straight ten percent from the gross. So, if a film gets more than ten percent from the gross then it is considered to be a good hit. On the other hand the films which have less positive response earn less than ten percent of the gross.

After coming to the terms of the gross and percentage of the gross of the net worth of the Bollywood actor or actresses is calculated. The net worth of a Bollywood actor or actresses is the actual amount that they earn after the salary of the actor and the expenses of the films. The expenses on set, posters, costumes, travel expenses and all other expenditures are added to the net earnings. The gross should be greater than what is called as the gross of profit because the profit is the earning of the producer after expenses are deducted.

There is one actor who has reached the highest rank of the eighties – Rajinikanth whose name is Bhimsen Joshi. He has earned more than ninety million dollars and has also become the most complete superstar in the history of Bollywood. But this does not make him the highest paid Bollywood actor. His current net worth is about seven hundred thousand dollars.

There are many other superstars in the Bollywood industry like Amitabh Bachan, Sharukh Khan and Rana Kumar. They too have achieved great heights in their careers but are yet to be able to touch the peak of Bollywood and its super star status. If these stars were to be ranked in terms of their net worth then they would come first with about six hundred million. This makes them the highest paid actors in the world.