Atul Kulkarni’s Net Worth 2021- Earnings, Income & Salary

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to calculating the Bollywood actor’s salary and their earnings from films. Some actors depend on the big budget films like ‘Star Wars’ or the box office hits like ‘The Hulk’. There are other actors like Soumik Mukherjea, who has little or no career success because of the kind of roles he has been given in the past.

Atul Kulkarni’s Net Worth Is $135 Million

But what about Atul Kulkarni, who is a new comer in Bollywood? How much is his salary compared to the other Bollywood actors who have had some success in the industry? Is he earning less than the other stars? Let us take a look at some of the salaries of the other leading Bollywood actors who have received five-star status in the recent film industry war. Then we shall compare Atul Kulkarni with them.

After all, an Atul Kulkarni is not a star and yet he has received a number of accolades. For example, he was nominated for the same Filmfare Award as Shah Rukh Khan for the best performing actor award for his role in ‘Iruvar’. This was considered to be a major award in itself. So how much exactly is Atul Kulkarni earning in these films? What is his actual salary?

The answer will surprise you. On paper at least, Atul Kulkarni is earning quite well. But the real earning comes from the box office and not from the reviews or awards, his films have received. Atul has probably been paid reasonably well by Bollywood directors for his role in their films. The money that the directors have given him for his appearance in their movies, is however pocketed by Atul Kulkarni personally.

If Atul Kulkarni’s net worth is relatively modest compared to the other main Bollywood celebrities, one must also understand that Bollywood directors pay him less as an actor in comparison to the other stars because of his lesser known status. In other words, Atul is being rewarded according to the kind of performance he does in his films rather than the revenue earned from the box office. Another reason for the smaller amount of payment is that most Bollywood directors prefer to sign Atul Kulkarni as a minimum. So even if he receives a substantial amount as salary, most directors prefer to give it to him as part of the package.

So what exactly does Atul Kulkarni need to do to convince more directors to offer him bigger roles in their movies? The actor needs to be very careful about what is going on his career wise. For instance, there have been instances where he was offered a role in a movie, but later on he was told that he will not be able to do the role because he is yet to be established as an actor with a significant number of film credits. This is something that Atul has to be wary of as it may mean smaller pay and less chances for good roles in the near future. Also, Atul should remember that Bollywood directors are in the business of making money instead of creating stars; therefore, they may be inclined to offer lesser pay in exchange for a role that will make Atul a star.