Rick Bognar Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Rick Bognar is an actor from the Canadian TV show Weed history. He has gone on to star in the movieik horror series Necromancer as well as the video game Metal Gear Solid. There are many theories as to how he came to be the son of a famous drug lord and how he became in such prestigious Hollywood film schools. Here, we will find out how Rick Bognar net worth, name, age, height, and wiki!

Rick Bognar Net Worth

Rick Bognar Net Worth is $5 Million

Rick Bognar net worth is unknown at this time. However, his real name is Richard Bigner, and he was known to be in wrestling during his undergraduate days at the University of Calgary. It was here where he would wrestle as a member of the Argus Society. Bigner was then a standout wrestler at Calgary wrestling camp under the tutelage of John Kavanagh. Kavanagh was the trainer of WWE star Triple H.

Rick Bognar Full Biography

Full Name Rick Bognar
Net Worth $5 Million
Date of Birth 1970–2019
Age 49 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Rick Bognar biography reveals that he got the start of his career when he was still wrestling in the University of Calgary. He is mentioned in the book of bio as working as a grounds man for a professional Canadian freestyle wrestler named Rick Bilye. He is also said to have worked as a stage technician and a locker room attendant for the aforementioned Bilye. The interesting part of Rick Bigner’s biography is that it indicates that he quit wrestling in 1980 in order to pursue acting.

Bigner is currently married to Karen, with whom he has three children. His wife works as a travel agent in Canada. In the book of bio, it states that Bigner is originally from Ottawa, Ontario where he earned a degree at University. After that, he worked as a grounds man and warehouse worker in Toronto, before finally getting a break when he landed a role on the very popular Canadian soap opera “Happy Days” as a series’ Janie. Bigner also had a small role on the movie “Waterworld”. Since that time, he has appeared in other movies, television shows, as well as video games.

Rick Bigner’s star sign is Libra, which is also his birth sign. According to the Bigner biography, he was born in January of 1964, which means that he was one year old when his parents divorced. His first name is actually Bigner, but due to an unfortunate chain of events, his last name was changed. His birthday is said to be July 4th, the same date as his star sign.

According to many biographies, Rick Bigner’s net worth is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. His estimated income is somewhere around six hundred thousand dollars a year, depending on how much work he is willing to put in. People who read the biography of Rick Bigner are able to see what type of success he has had since immigrating to Canada. His own view on the difficulty of adjusting to life in Canada as well as what he would have done differently if he had not come to the United States to study are also discussed in detail.