Billy Gunn Net Worth 2021- Salary, Earnings & Income

WWE Raw is about to go back to TV. I know its been awhile since it’s off the air but boy do I miss it. I have fond memories of that wrestling show. My favorite wrestler was Billy Gunn and I loved his guts and character to always be in the ring and doing something crazy. I thought he was a great guy to watch.

Billy Gunn Net Worth Is $3 Million

So, now it is back on TV and its back on the PPV’s. This time around its “WWE Raw” and I will be the one getting paid to watch it. I am not the only one that thinks this though as Vince McMahon stated on the latest edition of “WWE Superstars Road to WWE Raw” that Wrester Ivy has been receiving high praise from the company. So now it’s out on the internet and its on many sites where you can see WWE Raw at pay per view. I have been seeing these WWE Raw pay per view estimates for quite some time now.

So how much is WWE Raw worth? Well, that all depends on what you consider to be worth. I have heard several estimates ranging from a few hundred dollars to anywhere between one and five thousand dollars. In my honest opinion I have given myself a break and estimated the value at closer to five thousand dollars. This may vary depending on who you ask. I have also heard several people give themselves away by saying they have seen everything on pay per view so don’t believe those numbers as well.

Now, when it comes to WWE Raw it all boils down to two things. What you are able to get for your money and how much entertainment does it provide. Personally I think it’s a great deal but again who is really better off. If you are a big wrestling fan then maybe you will get more out of it than someone who is not a big fan. If you just want to see good wrestling then I would suggest you stay home because you won’t get the same entertainment.

When it comes to getting WWE Raw on your subscription to NetFlix make sure you get the upgrade when it comes to your account. This upgrade allows you to watch an unlimited number of videos for one flat rate. It is cheaper than the price of most DVDs and you will save even more money that way.

Another great thing about the WWE Raw DVD is that you will also receive a bunch of other great stuff like a digital download card for your computer along with the DVD. You will also get a membership to the WWE Superstars site where you will be able to download a lot of great WWE video games. So if you love your wrestling and you want to get your share of it, then this is a great option for you. With the monthly membership plan you can continue watching as many episodes as you want and you will only have to pay the one time fee which is very reasonable.