Boban Alummoodan Net Worth 2022, Age, Income, Weight & Height

Boban Alummoodan is a social media celebrity with millions of followers across the globe. Boban Alummoodan Net worth is $1.2 million. Boban Alummoodan was once an actor in the Hindi movie ‘Tonga.’ He then moved to Australia and made a name for himself there. As an actor, he has been able to make a successful career for himself and has also established his own Boban Alummoodan clothing line which has helped him make a fortune.

Boban Alummoodan Net Worth

Boban Alummoodan Net Worth is $1 Million to $5 Million Approx

Boban Alummoodan business started when he won the role of an Emperor in the movie ‘Tonga.’ Boban then appeared in another movie ‘Singh in King’ and was once again nominated for an accolade. He has gone on to make a number of well-known films and has acted in different Hollywood films such as ‘Singh sahib happy extra chitin’. Boban has also managed to break through to the television world with his Boban Alummoodan talk shows on Surya TV channels. In his talk show, he also speaks about his Raavanan health products and his views on yoga and health.

Boban Alummoodan Full Biography

Full Name Boban Alummoodan
Net Worth $1 Million to $5 Million Approx
Date of Birth 3 may 1992
Age 59 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Boban Alummoodan’s income is largely dependent on the various movies he has released. He has worked in the films ‘Singh sahib happy extra chitin’, ‘Chak De! India’ and ‘Chak De! Pakistan. Apart from that, Boban Alummoodan has also released his own novels which have made good sales and also earned him a second nomination for the best actor category at the Golden Globe Awards.

Boban Alummoodan Net Worth is a product of his business ventures. He owns a chain of hotels in Malaysia and Singapore. He has also started a clothing manufacturing company called Boban International. His income from these businesses is enough to earn him a tidy sum each month. He earns most of his money from selling DVDs of his movies and from the Boban Alummoodan website. These DVDs are in demand by the people and help in generating more revenue for Boban International.

Boban Alummoodan Net Worth also discusses his political views and his association with the opposition Malay Mailing lists. It is clear from his Net worth that Boban Alummoodan is a passionate person who tries his level best to be worthy of a good salary. He knows how to work hard and earn a good income. He is also clear that he would like to see Malaysia run as smoothly as possible and without any major political turmoil. He would certainly support any move by the government to increase the level of corruption fighting within the country.

Boban Alummoodan Net Worth gives you detailed information about his earning potential and the kind of lifestyle he enjoys. The information in Boban Alummoodan Net Worth also helps you to see what you can earn by building your own business. You will be able to see exactly what Boban Alummoodan Net Worth has to offer and exactly how much you can earn by building your own businesses using the information provided in Boban Alummoodan Net Worth. Boban Alummoodan Net Worth is definitely a handy guide that will help you become as wealthy as him.