Brendan Net Worth 2021- Income, Salary & Earnings

Wrestling fan, whether you are a pro or not, is always curious as to how much does a WWE Wrestler make? Some people have the opinion that wrestlers make way more than just peanuts. Is this true? The truth of the matter is WWE pays you good, so if you do become a WWE star it will be like a dream come true for you. How much does WWE pay Performer?

Brendan Net Worth Is $20 Million

WWE has a huge base of loyal, hardcore fans, who follow their performers and even pay really good money to watch them at live events. It is not an easy task to get to the top spot as they prefer to groom their current stars before sending them to the main event scene. So, it is pretty normal for there to be a lot of difference in pay between a wrestler who is on Raw or Smackdown to a wrestler who is on Smackdown. A wrestler on Raw makes anywhere from seventy-five thousand dollars a week all the way up to one hundred fifty thousand dollars a week.

The best part about this pay per view is that it is split into two separate seasons. For this reason, a wrestler on Raw can earn anywhere from seventy-five thousand dollars all the way up to one hundred fifty thousand dollars a week. So, for a wrestler who is on Raw a week could easily make anywhere from four figures to six figures a week. Now, the thing is that these wrestlers are not guaranteed to stay in the company long. So, the odds of making this kind of money are relatively low.

But, if you are looking to become a wrestler, the odds are heavily stacked against you. You only have a thirty percent chance of becoming a star and a ten percent chance of actually becoming a star. There are a lot of people who have become very famous as wrestlers and they have never made a dime off of their career. Many wrestlers just grind away for a living and get along fine. They are not superstar wrestlers and there is no real incentive to be a wrestler unless you want to be.

The only real way for someone to make a decent living wrestling is to be as popular as possible. WWE will allow you to get into the company as a free agent. That means you can sign with anyone is allowed to put you over in a match if they see fit. Once you become a star and get lots of fans, the company will allow you to get bigger paychecks. If you are as good as advertised, you will find yourself making six-figure paychecks month after month.

It really doesn’t matter how much a wrestler makes once they have become a star. Once they have that recognition from their matches, the company will start to cater towards their fans. So much so that if they don’t have a huge following, they can still make big money from the matches they perform. As long as they stay relevant to the wrestling fans and they continue to build their base of fans, they will always have a job and will be paid well for it.