Burkely Duffield Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Burkely Duffield is an award winning actor from Canada. Burkely Duffield has gained a lot of attention throughout his short film career. Burkely Duffield’s net worth is not as big as some other actors, but it is still worthy of mention. Burkely Duffield on the surface seems to be a typical average person with an average job.

Burkely Duffield Net Worth

Burkely Duffield Net Worth is 3-4 Million USD (approx)

Burkely Duffield biography dates back to when he was still in grade school. His family had immigrated to Canada from England when he was three. He was brought up as a member of therans, which is still allowed in the United States to this day. Thetrans was believed to be very restrictive in the United States, and is not considered even remotely related to thecanadian actor today. Burkely Duffield’s birth date is not known.

Burkely Duffield Full Biography

Full Name Burkely Duffield
Net Worth 3-4 Million USD (approx)
Date of Birth August 9, 1992
Age 29 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Burkely Duffield’s most famous film roles are those that have been billed as “celebrity names”. Burkely Duffield’s first Canadian film role was “Beowulf” which was released in 1976. Burkely Duffield had also appeared in some episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as an alternate crew member. In the Star Trek episode “Deep Space Nine” he had a notable role as a ship captain. This is one of the roles that is most remembered by fans of the show. Burkely Duffield’s other Canadian film roles included “A Christmas Story” as well as “Yuk Savoie! “.

Burkely Duffield’s net worth has skyrocketed since he became well known in his time on the stage and screen. His acting prowess is credited for much of his ability to amass an impressive amount of wealth. Burkely Duffield’s family has always remained focused on his career and as a result he has always remained true to his roots and his family. He is survived by his parents, sisters, two children, and step-children.

Burkely Duffield’s career is not without its controversies. On the contrary, he has been the subject of several rumors. Some say that he faked his death so that his untaxed salary could be garnished. Others say that he faked his having grown 5 inches during the time of his TV movie appearance. The fact remains that no concrete facts have been produced to support either claim.

Burkely Duffield is now deceased and has been portrayed by the late Canadian actor Michael Caine in the series “Growing Old.” At one point, Caine was actually voted the greatest TV actor of all time. Caine had previously appeared in more than twenty films, including some of the classics of Hollywood motion pictures. Burkely Duffield may never have the same level of recognition that Caine has achieved but at least his name will forever remain in the memory as the most well known of all canadian actors. Burkely Duffield is definitely a name that Hollywood will keep for a long time to come.