Carter Hayden Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Carter Hayden is an American actor who has been known for his roles on TV shows such as 24, Smallville, Glee, Frasier, Chuck and numerous others. He has also gained popularity for his appearance on the television series Lost. Carter Hayden is one of the younger members of the Carter Hayden family who have a net worth of over six millions dollars. Carter was born in Michigan where he grew up studying chemistry and physics. After that he decided to become a writer and later went onto play football at the University of Michigan. For his part he played defensive tackle and wide receiver for the Wolverine team.

Carter Hayden Net Worth

Carter Hayden Net Worth is  $1 Million – $5 Million

Carter Hayden’s net worth was created with the help of his father, John Carter who was a Canadian newspaper publisher. His mother was pregnant at the time and they had to go through a lot of financial hardships which eventually led to Carter being dropped out of school when he turned 16. For this reason Carter moved back to Canada where he lived until he was a teenager. The Carter Hayden family’s net worth today is estimated at close to six millions dollars.

Carter Hayden Full Biography

Full Name Carter Hayden
Net Worth  $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth February 12, 1982
Age 39 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to the Carter Hayden net worth website, Carter Hayden is estimated to have made more than five million dollars in the year 2005. His film roles include Wall street, Crazy Heart, Plummer’s character in Everybody Loves Raymond, the unforgettable role of Jean Arthur in A Few Good Men, the role of Alex Cross in the movie Gone with the Wind and the role of David Strathairn in the movie The Blind Side. Carter’s other films that were released in the last few years included Dances with Wolves, We Are Marshall, Let’s Go Fly a Miljet and Bad Boys.

Carter Hayden has been married to Candice Bergamot for the past fifteen years. He has two children with her and has stayed actively involved in his acting career. Carter Hayden’s other roles include the memorable role of Dimitri from the movie High School Musical and the well known Danny Zuko in the movie Avatar. Carter Hayden’s other notable voice actor role includes the characters of King Candyhands in the series Kung Fu Panda and Happy Days.

Carter Hayden’s other achievements in the acting industry include an appearance on the cover of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” as one of the youngest ever persons of the year. Carter is also a member of the Canadian comedy club circuit and has guest-hosted numerous radio shows on the Canadian radio network. He has also gained popularity by appearing on the television show Spinning Kids. His other accomplishments in the film industry include the lead role in the award winning film The Game and has received critical acclaim for his performance. All of Carter Hayden’s films have achieved commercial success and he is now one of the most popular actors and actresses in the United Kingdom.

Carter Hayden’s other income source actor status includes playing the character of Darcy in the film adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ novels titled As Good As It Gets. Carter plays the part of a down to earth, honest and well-intentioned character who endures a separation from his wife and daughter after accidentally letting slip his daughter’s affair with a man. His other films that have grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide include Invictus, Tin Cup and Big Fish. These films have made Carter Hayden one of the highest paid actors in the United Kingdom and in the United States.