Daniel Engler Net Worth 2021- Income, Salary & Earnings

WWE Diva, Daniel Engler has had quite the career. A long time vet of the company, he knows what he is talking about. He spent years in the company, first as a heel, and then as a top guy. But what is his real worth? How much is Daniel Engler Worth to WWE?

Daniel Engler Net Worth Is US$900,000

Well, it all started when he got injured. During a match at Summer Slam, Dan was hurt badly. His knee was just giving out so he ended up having a lot of medical treatment that left him literally bedridden for a month. He missed out on the main WWE show, Raw, and had to cancel his holiday in Spain. What is the company doing about this guy? Why haven’t they signed him yet?

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who is concerned with my friend Dan’s health. If you are worried about someone you know who is taking care of someone like Dan, let us assure you, it’s a big job. I’ve spoken to WWE several times over the years and I’ve never been happier in the company, or in the entertainment business in general. Vince McMahon runs a tight ship, so do the wrestlers. You cannot be fired or forced out just because you don’t agree with certain actions taken by the company. There are always things you have to get cleared with the company first.

So why has WWE not signed him yet? Simple. The company wants to see him win the Womens World Heavyweight Title before they feel comfortable putting him in the main event. It is no different from putting a wrestler with bad psychological profiles into the main event, where he’s not a threat, but he can’t win the title. It just doesn’t work that way.

As far as I can see, the company’s main goal is to get him signed to Raw, so that he can start building his own brand. I heard on the radio today about WWE’s brand leverage. How they leverage their star’s success in other companies to help promote their own. This makes sense. If you build up your profile in WWE, you will build up your income there.

How much income would you say “Wrestle Mania” has brought to you personally? Enough to live off of for a year or two? Maybe you should re-evaluate your life.