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Dinar Dashan is a North American Hindi soap opera, created by Behr Makki. It’s been picked up for air on Canadian stations and is doing quite well. However, its creator, Mr. Behr Makki, is not telling the whole story about his birth family, his roots in Canada, or how he came to be an award winning screenwriter, producer, director and actor. Some of the characters in Dashan are not even in the picture. This begs the question: “Is Dashan Canadian TV Actor?”

Dashan Net Worth

Dashan Net Worth is $ USD 9 Million

The father of three children, Dashan was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. His family is of Turkish decent, so it’s easy to see how he would want to be classified as Canadian. The mother, who is married to an American, has been in the United States for over five years. Neither she nor her husband have ever had a citizenship card. This puts Dashan in the second category of persons who have immigrated to Canada and then later become citizens, but have no proof of it.

 Dashan Full Biography

Full Name  Dashan
Net Worth $ USD 9 Million
Date of Birth May 23, 1965
Age 56 Years
Contact Number Unknown

For example, here’s one example of Dashan’s story from the Dashan net worth skit: “My name is Dashan Marley. I was seven years old when my parents brought me over to America. My parents told me I was born in Canada – they said I looked like one of the elders. I have always believed that if you were in the mood you could always look like that, but the minute I stepped foot outside I felt a little American.”

The interesting thing about this example is that Dashan says he was born in Canada, yet has no idea what country he actually was born. He is so happy he can’t help it but wants to go on vacation with his family to show his friends how happy his family is. Unfortunately, when Dashan gets to his hotel he finds out his mom has arranged for him and his brother to stay at the hotel because their extended family is staying there. So Dashan and his brother get upset and continue to yell at the mother, until finally she agrees to show them the world.

One could say that this is a comedy skit, and indeed it is, but Dashan’s experience of being uprooted from his home and country are depicted in a very real way. The net worth skit is funny, but at times it goes beyond the realm of just a joke. One could say that the experience of being from Canada and having your possessions taken away is traumatizing, especially when your things are the way they are. The fact that Dashan’s brother ends up in jail (for reasons that are not explained) further adds to the tragedy of this skit. It makes Dashan’s view of Canada even more bleak, but it also makes him much more cynical and worldly.

As a matter of fact, the whole skit is supposed to be a critique of how people in Canada treat immigrants, especially those who come here seeking better lives and more freedoms. There is a common belief that immigrants bring with them all the problems they encounter in their new homeland. Dashan’s experience of Canada, and the way Canadians have treated him, only supports the notion that Canada is not such a great place after all. Even though Dashan Net Worth’s skit does not portray Canada as a particularly good place to live or work, it does put forth ideas on how to look at what Canada could be like in the future.