David Alpay Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Biography

David Alpay is among the highest paid TV actors in Canada. His salary has always topped the charts and his income increases with each new project. As a result, David Alpay has built a fortune for himself. David Alpay trivia should make you know who David Alpay really is.

David Alpay Net Worth

David Alpay Net Worth is $1.4 Million.

David Alpay is a well known character actor in Canadian television series such as Mom’s Hair Removal with Lisa Rinna, Private Practice, Dinner With Saints, and others. David Alpay has also featured in various films and miniseries in both Canada and the United States. David Alpay has been portrayed in films and shows such as: Housefull, Desperate Housewives, P.S. Bachelor Party, and others.

David Alpay has heighted his net worth by gaining international recognition for his excellent acting skills. David Alpay trivia should help you know more about David Alpay. David Alpay was born David Alpay in Scarborough, Ontario. David Alpay studied at the City College of New York and he also trained with weights and body weight training instructor Lawrence Phillips.

David Alpay Full Biography

Full Name David Alpay
Net Worth $1.4 Million
Date of Birth October 6,1980
Age 41 years
Contact Number Unknown

David Alpay grew up in Toronto, Canada. David Alpay’s parents divorced when David was young and David moved to Barbados where his family lived until David was thirteen years old. David spent two years in Barbados studying ballet and David Alpay gained a first position in the Canadian theatre circuit after performing in local plays. David Alpay performed in several movies during his career in the United States and in Canada but his career spanned just over ten years.

David Alpay has played various characters in different television shows and films throughout his long career. David Alpay trivia will show that David Alpay has achieved an overall net worth of $1 million dollars. David Alpay has featured in some of the top television shows on both coasts of North America including Shield, The Firm, Burn Notice, Frasier, Cheers, The X-Files among many others.

David Alpay has played the role of a number of different characters throughout his career but most notably as Frank Sinatra in the musical Aladdin. David Alpay trivia will show that David Alpay has spent quality time as an actor in Hollywood. David Alpay was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Bodyguard: Tips for Surviving the Office Life. David Alpay was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the film Invictus. David Alpay was also nominated for the Best Actor award for his role of David Strathairn in the movie Braveheart.