David Hemblen Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

David Hemblen is an award winning Canadian actor and musician. He is well known for his roles as Mike Castle in Castle Rock, Gargoyles in the Disney show Gargoyles, and as Sheriff Harry Banner in the animated series Kung Fu. David Hemblen is also known for his portrayal of Corin in the television series The Mask, Michael Chiklis in Toronto, Don Ed Hardy in A Nightmare On Elm Street and as sheriff Richard Harcourt in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Season. David Hemblen’s net worth is believed to be at least a few billion dollars depending on the estimates of his social networking influencers and merchandise sales made by experts. David Hemblen is known for his role as Corin in the television series Gargoyles. David Hemblen is married to outgoing singer and model Pam Ferris.

David Hemblen Net Worth

David Hemblen Net Worth is  $48,5 Million

David Hemblen was born in Scarborough on the southern coast of Canada, the son of Irish immigrants. David started studying acting at the age of sixteen, which is when he discovered he had talent. David has gone on to play many different characters during his career, including Corby in the film The Damned United, Corporal Ron in the TV series Beauty and the Beast, and Judge John McConnery in the movie Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

David Hemblen Full Biography

Full Name David Hemblen
Net Worth  $48,5 Million
Date of Birth 1941–2020
Age 79 Years
Contact Number Unknown

David Hemblen’s bio is written as a biography of his parents, Frank and Mary Hembling. David got his start on stage in musicals, and did voice work on animated films and television shows. David Hemblen is married to actress Pam Ferris. David and Pam have one child, named Austin. David Hemblen was raised in a family that was very close, and has always considered his family very close to him.

David Hemblen is currently unemployed, having not worked on a film in over a year. The only major role that David has had since he was fired from a film was playing a small role in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but David Hemblen is not happy with his lack of job, and he feels he could have been more successful if he had more work. David Hemblen’s bio also includes information about his parents and his own connections to his family, which helps shed some light on why David has not had a great success story since leaving the entertainment industry.

David Hemblen’s Net Worth has been listed at two parts, as of the date of this article, March 2021, which places him at number six on the all time list for actors who make around six figures a year. David is currently affiliated with the company Access Entertainment. David Hemblen’s Net Worth is not particularly impressive, but it does include his acting earnings. The two sources that provide information on David Hemblen’s Net worth say that he is not particularly popular among Hollywood insiders, and most people do not even know his name. This may be due to the fact that he was fired from the second Star Trek series he appeared in after three seasons, and that people are not really aware what his real skill is.

David Hemblen’s Net Worth has since been updated since he was in the news for being one of the many stars involved in the lawsuits against the company Access Graphics. This controversy was about the way that David Hemblen was being paid by Access Graphics for his appearance in one of their episodes of Star Trek. David Hemblen has also received some critical acclaim for his role as a transporter in the movie, The Man with One Red Shirt, and has also appeared in other movies and TV shows. David Hemblen is a famous actor who will most likely never achieve the status of an admired and respected father of six, but thanks to his role as David Banner in the movie, he has definitely established a name and Net worth for himself.