David Huynh Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

David Huynh’s (vez) Net Worth: $1 million at the young age of 38. David Huynh ( David) Huynh was actually born in Vancouver, Canada. He then moved to Los Angeles, California and began his career as a child actor before getting his break in the TV series as David Huynh in Canadian television drama “Heroes”. Later on, he went on to have various roles in films and on stage before landing it big in Hollywood. In the past, David Huynh has been nominated three times for an Emmy Award for his work on Heroes. In fact, David Huynh has played the character of David in the movie adaptation of the book entitled David and Goliath.

David Huynh Net Worth

David Huynh Net Worth is $1.9 Million

David Huynh biography: David Huynh is currently raising a family of his own now. David Huynh is said to be one of the youngest actors in the world to have achieved success in both the film industry and also in the television industry at such a young age. David Huynh is said to be the father of twin girls named Laurel and Stephanie and also a half brother named Jason. In addition, David Huynh is married to Lisa Zambetti, with whom he has two children named Alexa and Stephanie.

David Huynh Full Biography

Full Name David Huynh
Net Worth  $1.9 Million
Date of Birth February 5, 1983
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown

David Huynh how much make you financially successful: “Since I am a dual income earner, I make sure that my children have a complete education while they are young so that when they go to college, they can have the best chance of having a good job in the future, a great career and also a comfortable life. I am not rich yet but I’m not too close to being poor either. My mother always told me that money isn’t everything but it’s the right tool for the right job.” David Huynh biography continues on with David Huynh working as an actor and later a writer, before landing a position in production for the Huynhisth Media Group in Denmark.

David Huynh in Hollywood: “So my career was as a writer in Hollywood. I worked on many TV shows like orders of the day, CHEERS, CHANNEL MASTERS, CHASM & more. The one show which I got lucky with was CHEERS. It was a spin off of CHEERS, which was an American show about a group of high school cheerleaders who get together every year for a pre-prom celebration. The director saw my writing talent and got me on the show which made me quite happy.

David Huynh in the film industry: “I have had different kinds of acting experiences in my life, but nothing felt as good as doing movies. This was something I wanted to do since I was a little kid. And when I graduated, I joined the film industry. I have worked on both small and big films.

David Huynh is an award winning screenwriter, producer and director. Some of his credits are: Kung Mangai (based on the novel Ashbery), Mr. Nobody, The Replacements, End of Watch, and Say Yes Means Yes. He has also written and produced films for directors such as David Fincher (The Curious Case wherein he plays the title role), Spike Lee, Mike De Luca, David Seidler, Carlito’s Way and David Semel. David Huynh is one of the rising stars in the film industry today.