Denis Akiyama Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Biography

Denis Akiyama is one half of the well-known voice duo, Oriental Entertainment’s resident alien doctor, Dr. Zager. His real name is Denis Akiyama. Denis was born in Japan, where his father worked as a translator, while his mother taught herself to be a kindergarten teacher. Denis attended the privately funded Tokyo University College of Art. He dropped out after only one year.

Denis Akiyama Net Worth

Denis Akiyama Net Worth is $200000

Denis Akiyama net worth is so modest that the Canadian Government has reduced his official figure in relation to income by fifty per cent, as he is not paid any Social Security or Medicare benefits. This reduction in payment results in his real birth date being omitted from his file. His real name is Denis Akiyama. There is no question that Denis Akiyama is a great performer, but is this really a basis for such an exaggerated salary figure? This question must be answered by someone who knows him better than anyone else.

Denis Akiyama’s real occupation is voice actor, though he is also known to do stage performances. The truth is that Denis has spent the better part of the last thirty years playing various characters in both Canada and Japan, and his career in Toronto spanned over nineteen years. As far as we are aware, he did not receive a nomination for an actor award in either Canada or Japan during that time. However, it is worth remembering that all the best actors in Hollywood get nominated at the Oscars, regardless of whether they live in Canada or the USA. At any rate, let us give Denis his due credit for having acted in movies that have won four Golden Globes and three Oscars. If this achievement was not enough to establish his worth as an actor then I don’t know what would.

Denis Akiyama Full Biography

Full Name Denis Akiyama
Net Worth $200000
Date of Birth 1952-6-22
Age 70 years
Contact Number Unknown

The real question to ask is how much money does Denis Akiyama make in a year? Well, this is another case of asking the question too many times. Considering that his income from movies has been quite substantial, it would not be surprising if he makes more than one million dollars a year. The bottom line is that it depends on how well he is able to market himself and if he has good contacts in different industries. This is something that every income actor has to take into consideration.

The second question that we might ask is where the actor is actually from. Denis is originally from Toronto, Canada. We know that he went to high school in Oakville, Canada and apparently had a great interest in music. He did end up going to university inufferable and he dropped out after two years. However, he did become a voice actor and began to gain some recognition.

The bottom line is that Denis has proven that he is able to make movies that sell. But what about his net worth? Well, his income does not reflect exactly how much he makes because the film industry is cyclical. It goes up, then goes down and back up again. The same can be said for other actors in the industry. They too have their ups and downs, but none of them have ever made the claim that Denis Akiyama has made.