Denis Bouchard Net Worth 2022- Income, Biography & Salary

Denis Bouchard is a Canadian actor who has achieved some recognition in Hollywood as one of the leading men in action movies. His most recent roles have been in the television sitcom 24 as Frank Palin and in the movie Taken. The late Robert Patrick played the role of Frank Palin in 24. It was widely reported that he had to pay the whole sum of $1 million to the film crew for shooting the pilot episode of the movie.

Denis Bouchard Net Worth

Denis Bouchard Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

Denis Bouchard net worth – $65 million As per NetWorthsPedia, Denis Bouchard’s net worth is approximately $65million at the present age of 66. He earned the money by being a bodyguard in famous action films like Rush Hour, Total Recall, Hitman, World War Z and many more. His income was supplemented by acting in different documentaries and TV series like Granada, Dead Man Walking, L.J. Simpson: On Their Own, Desperate Housewives and The Perfect Score.

Denis Bouchard Full Biography

Full Name Denis Bouchard
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth October 9, 1953
Age 67 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Denis Bouchard net worth – his family life Bouchard is a well known character actor who portrays strong characters in action, drama and comedy. His family life is relatively stable and the film industry has provided him with enough earnings to leave a comfortable middle class family life. His two brothers, Yves and Mathieu, are also well known actors who have been part of the family making their own name in the film industry. Denis Bouchard children are named Denis Bouchard Junior and Denis Bouchard Senior. Apart from these two sons, there is no trace of any of Bouchards children becoming an actor or a successful director.

Denis Bouchard biography – his life and works Since being introduced in the motion picture industry in the late 1960s, Denis Bouchard has portrayed different characters in various movies. Even though he has portrayed strong and anti-hero characters, Denis Bouchard has always remained an actor who is willing to do anything for the stage and screen. He has been awarded honors for his performances in various plays, musicals and movies. This article provides some information about Denis Bouchard biography.

Denis Bouchard Biography – his career Since he joined Hollywood, Denis Bouchard has portrayed different characters in different movies. Most of his roles have been commoners like taxi driver, mail man etc. However, since he started playing stronger and anti-hero roles, his career has taken a turn for the better. Since he was in his early sixties when he was first seen on the screen, his net worth has always been in the higher echelon as compared to others.

Denis Bouchard Net Worth – his family The Bouchards are a middle class family who live in La profliga in the Cannes. There was a time when Denis Bouchard used to come home after a long day at work, cook some food with his family, then play cards with his sons. His father died when Denis was only 10 and his mother died a few years later. Since his parents were very poor, Denis made it a point to help his family by taking them to the movies or to see a movie. He also made sure that they had a decent diet, thus helping his mother in the kitchen and also buying them small French food so that they would not be hungry while on the set of a movie.