Devon Bostick Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Devon Bostick has been an actress for several decades, most notably in the television show “That 70s Show.” She is perhaps best known for her long-running role as Jeanette Giletti in the series “The Perfect Score” on Canadian television series “Just For Men.” She is also known as Valientine Jones in the television series “ossip Girl” and as Stephanie in the movie “Dancing With The Stars.” Bostick’s net worth is primarily attributed to her role in the Canadian television series “The Perfect Score” as well as the film adaptation of the same title.

Devon Bostick Net Worth

Devon Bostick Net Worth is $3 million.

A look at Devon Bostick biography will show that her net worth is primarily derived from her acting. Bostick has appeared in a number of films, including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “A History Of Violence.” She has also had smaller roles in some movies, such as “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Truman Capote.” As a result, Bostick is not considered a household name in the United States, though she is one of the more popular actors in Canada and her name recognition is significantly higher here than in the United States.

Devon Bostick Full Biography

Full Name Devon Bostick
Net Worth $3 million.
Date of Birth November 13, 1991
Age 29 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Bostick’s other credits include guest spots on “E.T.” as Gretchen Matheson and in “Windtalkers” as David Kleinfeld. She has also appeared on Broadway in some of her earlier plays, including “Sense Of Romance” and “Old House.” Devon Bostick’s role in the musical “Old House” earned her two Grammys and made her one of the younger stars to earn the designation of Best Actress in a Musical.

Devon Bostick’s salary is predominantly derived from acting. Her paycheck is generally lower than those of co-stars such as Jennifer Aniston or Sarah Jessica Parker, but it is no doubt above the average Canadian actor. Part of the reason for this is that Bostick has a smaller frame, compared to her co-stars. Bostick height is listed at just over 5 feet, which is much shorter than the average actor in her position. She has said that being a shorter actress helps her focus on the part instead of feeling as if she is being held back by a long neck.

Devon Bostick net worth is difficult to determine given that her salary is not public knowledge. Bostick has never disclosed the exact amount of money that she makes from working on television. However, she has said that the money comes in increments rather than in one big lump sum. In an interview with The Canadian Mirror, Bostick was asked how she made the money. She responded by saying that she does not receive a standard salary from the show, but rather receives a number of different payments from various companies. She did state that she does work in the industry and receives top billing, but did not specify which specific company or network.

Devon Bostick’s Net Worth is difficult to pin down due to her complete lack of public speaking ability. As an actress, her speaking abilities are not what make her memorable. This, however, does not mean that she lacks talent. In fact, her recent TV series, “The Bachelor” exposed many of her talents. It can be safely assumed that Bostick will continue to star in successful TV series for the foreseeable future.