Dylan Bruce Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Dylan Bruce is an award winning American actor who has played some important and memorable characters throughout his film career. Like many other actors, he has been able to make his name in Hollywood and has received several honors and awards along the way. As an actor, Dylan Bruce has achieved success and fame. He is one of the best known African-American actors in Hollywood.

Dylan Bruce Net Worth

Dylan Bruce Net Worth is USD $1.8 million approx.

Dylan Bruce how much make you financially successful, net worth and career are covered below. An actor is a performer with an established career in Hollywood. His professional graph and career have a definite direction and goal. As an actor, Dylan Bruce’s career have spanned six decades. His net worth as an actor is USD millions.

Dylan Bruce Full Biography

Full Name Dylan Bruce
Net Worth USD $1.8 million approx.
Date of Birth April 21, 1980
Age 41 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Dylan Bruce’s how much make you financially successful is calculated as follows. Apply the first number (in thousands) to the second number (in millions). This tells how much Dylan Bruce has made in his career as an actor. As an average actor, his estimated net worth was USD twelve million.

His biography reveals that he was born in Harlem, New York. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. His mother is a writer and his father is a lawyer. His siblings are also quite famous as musicians like Eric Clapton and Mickey Rourke.

The Dylan Bruce net worth details give a detailed idea about his educational qualifications, awards and honors, awards which he has received, awards which he has given away, movies and video games that he has worked on etc. He is presently working with the playroom baby movie production team. His favorite things to do include taking pictures with his friends, camping, hiking, riding motorbikes etc. He loves spending time with his family and doing what his fans love most.

Most of the Dylan Bruce net worth details give a clear picture about his early life and how he met his first family. His family was very poor and his father worked all day long as a bricklayer. Dylan Bruce had lots of friends during his early life and his best friends were his sisters. He attended the High School orchestra and played some instruments but did not get to play the piano until after he got to college.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from the University of Vancouver, Dylan Bruce got a job as a Realtor in New York City. He went on to star in many films including the Batman movie Dark Tomorrow, Crazy Heart, Blowin’ In The Wind and eventually the award winning movie Crazy Heart. Even after achieving so much success, Dylan Bruce still does not consider himself as a complete an actor and he always wants to work on new movies. He even has movie concepts in mind that he would like to adapt into movies one by one. His current focus is to star in a romantic drama entitled As Good As It Gets which is based on the life of his friend and fellow Realtor, Marlon Brando.

Dylan Bruce’s net worth does not only include his acting work but also includes his membership of the Canadian Film Institute in the early life and his membership of the American Film Council as well. His membership in these associations gives him more credentials as an actor than what he has currently earned. Dylan Bruce was married to Evangeline Lilly who happens to be his cousin from his first marriage. Their relationship was tumultuous and they parted ways when Dylan wanted to get out of the marriage. He has two children with Evangeline and two step-children from another relationship.