Eric Cabral Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Age & Biography

Eric Cabral Net Worth – how much does Eric Cabral earn? Eric Cabral biography revealed that the famous singer made a reported six figures a week with his albums and singing. He is married to actress Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children. He is said to have a net worth of about one million dollars.

Eric Cabral Net Worth – How Much Earned Cabral by Film Or Music? Eric Cabral’s net worth is believed to be nearly five million dollars. Eric Cabral’s career in film and music began at the age of nineteen when he went to film school. His early roles were smaller but he gained popularity by signing with Universal Pictures where he worked on such movies as The Mask, Grease, Blues, and others.

Eric Cabral Net Worth

Eric Cabral Net Worth is $1 Million to $5 Million Approx

Eric Cabral’s net worth is estimated by some to be closer to four million dollars, making him a very wealthy entertainer. Other sources give estimates of Eric Cabral income from golfing, singing, acting, playing basketball and tennis. However, these reports cannot be considered true since no exact figures are available. One thing that can be said however is that Eric Cabral does use his home in Malibu as a movie studio. Eric Cabral has been quoted as saying that he only gets five or six million a year from his various income sources.

Eric Cabral Full Biography

Full Name Eric Cabral
Net Worth $1 Million to $5 Million Approx
Date of Birth October 5, 1992
Age 28 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Eric Cabral was born in Beverly Hills, California and is the son of Mario and Maria Lavoie. Eric was said to be very close to his family, especially his mother, who died when Eric was only five years old. Eric Cabral’s other siblings are siblings from his father’s first marriage, Karen, and his two cousins, Kevin and Joey. Eric’s birthday is October 29th, the same date his parents divorced.

Eric Cabral’s official bio states that he is a passionate actor and musician. Eric has appeared in films such as Paid Duty, Roundenders, The Replacements, The Game, and Tropic Thunder. Eric’s most notable role to date would have to be his performance as David Kleinfeld in the movie Roundenders. Eric Cabral was born in Beverly Hills, California and is the son of Mario and Maria Lavoie. Eric Cabral’s official bio states that he is passionate about music and acting, giving his life a direction with his music career.

Eric has been linked to many Hollywood celebrities. These include Michael Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Madonna. Eric was married to Lisa Marie Pace, an executive vice president of accounts at Xerox. Their biography on Cabral’s social media site mentions that they had six children together, as well as five stepchildren. Eric’s net worth is not listed in public records. Eric Cabral’s other credits are movies such as The Replacements, Blow, and World Without End.