Erik Lamela Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

Many football enthusiasts who were not even in the know about the true identity of Footballer Erik Lamela, who is a goalkeeper for Greek club Panathinaikos had no idea that this little football player is making waves in the Greek Super League. He is only 18 years old but already making quite a name for himself on the field. This little football player has already created a big name for himself in Greece and is fast becoming a hot favourite among fans. So how much is Erik Lamela Net worth?

Erik Lamela Net Worth Is 25 Million Euro (21 Million Pound)

Many footballers are paid on a per week or a monthly basis. Most commonly, footballers are paid on an hourly basis. Lamela is being paid handsomely though, as a footballer, making more than most footballers make in a single game. The main difference between this footballers and other footballers is that he always plays well, giving his all in every game, which is why fans have followed him since he started playing.

This footballer is also earning his fair share of caps. The only Footballer to have more caps than him is goalkeeper Costolo. He currently has 4 caps, which is the most by any Footballer in Greece. Costolo has more caps than goalkeeperouts Papadakis and Stamo. Costolo is being looked at as a future starter, which is quite an impressive feat.

Despite making such high sums of money, there have been some struggles with the contract that the footballers have signed with the Greek Football Federation (FEI). It has become quite a sore point for many footballers since the contracts have been so inflexible. For a footballer to sign a long term deal with a footballing association, it means that he would be playing for many years to come. Since some of these footballers have decided to hang up their boots, the wages that they receive has not improved.

The player’s salary, along with the overall wage, is what keeps them in the black. However, this is the only thing that makes the Footballers happy. They only dream about earning millions of dollars a season or making enough to leave a nice nest egg for their loved ones back home. The Footballers are passionate about their work and love to represent their country. On the other hand, the management of the club is doing their best to prevent any accidents that may happen on the field of play.

The salary of a footballer has helped the country to develop better infrastructure and technology. Many of the Footballers actually live in rented accommodation, since they prefer to enjoy playing football rather than paying rent each month. It seems that the Footballers are becoming like the celebrities in Greece now. There are even clubs that offer Footballer camps to train them to be the next Greek Footballer superstar. So if you want to be just like your favorite Footballer, check out the online classifieds section to sign up for one of these camps.