Esteban Negredo Net Worth 2021- Earnings, Salary & Income

Footballer Esteban Negredo is on the verge of joining West Ham United from West Bromwich Albion and it looks like he will make a huge pay day. The 24-year-old Spanish striker has made good Premier League appearances for the club, scoring four goals in the last three games. He has also been named in the PFA team of the month, having scored two goals in each of the past two tournaments. So what does Esteban Andrada net worth?

Esteban Negredo Net Worth Is $1-5 Million

This depends on many factors. First of all, how much is the transfer fee and how much is the overall wage that the club will receive for this player? For the purposes of the wage I have included all the different players that West Brom has sold this summer to bring Esteban to the club and then take my cut of the overall salary. This may not be the same as the club’s salary structure but it should give you an idea of how much money is available to pay Esteban and get him into the England team. So, if you want to sign a footballer Esteban Andrada make sure that you keep all these numbers in mind.

Second factor to consider is that of the overall team. What sort of team are West Brom looks to build and how big a transfer fee do you think they will be getting for this footballer? I’m guessing that the transfer fee is very little and that the wage bill will be very similar to that of other top players. In my experience this means that Esteban will have very few opportunities to make his own money at West Brom. I think a big part of this is due to the fact that this is only a one year contract and that the player will most likely find himself on the bench as often as he has to until a new deal comes through.

This also means that Esteban will have to settle in to a new team and surroundings quickly. He has to make a quick change in his footballing life and also start to adapt to his new team’s style of play. All of this does not help his development and could potentially hinder it.

Another important consideration is that of the team itself. How good are they? How much money have they spent on transfers in the last year? The last thing you want to do is go into a transfer window and see that your club has spent a lot of money on new players, even though you hope that Esteban will provide a high quality goal scoring option and good service to your team. This could end up in a nightmare for the player and his family.

Last point of interest and that relates to the player himself, is how well do they really know Esteban. Is he settled in to the team and what does he make of the situation? This may be a difficult one to answer given the fact that he has only been a football player for a short period of time. You also have to take into consideration his age and the fact that he has just made his first professional team appearance. He will still have a large amount of learning to do.