Evan Buliung Net Worth 2022- Weight, Height, Age, Salary & Biography

Evan Buliung was born in Los Angeles, California. At age three, Evan Buliung was arrested for misdemeanor assault after throwing eggs at a police car. His parents divorced when Evan was young, and he moved home with his mother, grandmother, and older sister in Southern California. Evan Buliung’s mother would often work long hours, bringing in money by selling candies to local store clerks.

Evan Buliung Net Worth

Evan Buliung Net Worth is, $1 Million to $5 Million Approx.

As an adult, Evan Buliung became interested in acting, and appeared in a number of shows, ranging from small theater shows in small towns across America to larger, more popular television programs like The West Wing (the first season), Deadwood, and ER. In these shows, Evan played the recurring role of “Butch,” a straight-laced, hard-boiled hero who had a strong sense of right and wrong. Within a few short years, however, Evan Buliung’s net worth would grow to more than a million dollars. He has appeared in a number of films and has been nominated for Academy Awards.

Evan Buliung Full Biography

Full Name Evan Buliung
Net Worth , $1 Million to $5 Million Approx.
Date of Birth October 23, 1988
Age 44 Years
Contact Number Unknown

When asked how much he makes in a typical week, Evan Buliung replies, “Duh. Not much. But I make enough to get by.” By his own estimation, Evan Buliung earns approximately eight hundred dollars a week, although this amount is likely closer to six hundred dollars. This, he says, is the most money he receives on a normal week.

The bulk of Evan Buliung’s earnings, according to his net value calculations, comes from playing various character roles in movies. Most of these movies focus on good guys, he says, and therefore he doesn’t receive as much money as an action star or as a leading man. “I try to play the part,” Evan Buliung states. “I don’t just walk into a room and start throwing tomatoes around. I really want to do a movie role and then I can go on to bigger and better things with my money.”

Many top grossing movies have large castings of well known actors and actresses. These actors and actresses earn forty or more percent of the box office revenue, so the bulk of their net worth comes from ticket sales, home entertainment sales, and from performance royalties. Evan Buliung seems unaware that his small role in some of these movies contributes to the overall quality of movies. ” Films are made for everyone, for all kinds of people,” Evan Buliung states.

Evan Buliung’s net value is also built on his association with DreamWorks Animation. Buliung has been in charge of Dreamworks marketing campaigns for many years. As such, the financial success of the Kung Mangahoh Panda film led to a large salary increase. Buliung has been able to leverage his position within the company for equity compensation. He currently serves as a creative consultant for the production companies.