Fahadh Faasil Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Actor, writer and producer Fahadh Faasil have established himself as one of the leading faces of Indian cinema. The forty-year-old has been a popular face in Bollywood, contributing his own script scripts and producing films on the silver screen. Most notable of these is the super hit Bombay KaDoom! in which he played the role of a villain, and gained worldwide recognition as the star of the film.

However, despite being a popular and successful movie actor, is a question arises about his Net worth. This is mainly because of the fact that his name and the name of his producers have become synonymous with success. As such, any success that he might achieve in the near future would automatically fetch him higher salaries. If we carefully analyze the reasons behind his success, it is seen that most of them revolve around his two decade long association with Hindi films.

  Fahadh Faasil Full biography

Full Name  Fahadh Faasil
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 8 August 1982
Age 39 Years
Contact Number Unknown


First, we will look into his experience as a film actor. According to experts, one of the major contributing factors to his Net worth is the number of foreign films that he has done during his career. As such, when the director changes, the roles that he is assigned also tend to change. While some of his films did quite well, some did not. Therefore, as he has been with different directors, his Net worth has always been dependent on how long he remains with them, and how successful his films are.

Second, one of the most important factors that has helped his Net worth is the steady job that he has in India. As a leading man, it is expected that you will be receiving consistent money from the movie industry. In case of Fahadh, this has been a common scenario. Although there have been a few ups and downs in his career, he is yet to lag behind. The reason behind this is that since 2021, he has received multiple honors for his acting skills in movies such as Baahubali, Karan Johar, Chennai 6, etc. Most of his roles have been in Indian films, which have helped him secure his primary income source from India.

Last but not the least, his strong acting abilities have allowed him to land up into various Hollywood franchises. Most notably, he was one of the favorites to play the lead role in the animated blockbuster, Kung Pow Enter the Fist! During the time of its release, his paycheck was so good that he was nominated for an Oscar for the same role! For a regular movie actor, this kind of recognition is rare and definitely a motivating factor to get to the level of superstardom. Therefore, his Net worth is certainly on the rise because of his consistent role in big budget movies.

His role in Baahubali, another animated epic, has also earned him a few million dollars. Undoubtedly, the success of his Kung Pow movies has made a huge impact on his Net worth. The directors are expected to be extremely respectful of him because of his past work. They must make efforts to keep his Net worth within the purview of those who could give him that recognition. With such a good Net worth, it would not be difficult for him to enjoy a luxurious life. People should always keep in mind that whatever is the amount of success you have, it can be increased even more if you work hard for it.