Gautam Karthik Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Gautam Karthik is a Tamil actor who has gained immense popularity in India. He has acted in some of the best films of recent years, such as Baahubali 2, Om Shanti Om and the remake of the Hindi movie, Baahubali. Apart from this, he has also served in some low budget films, such as Kar Ghan Baduk (2021), Khaleja (2021), Kuzhi (2021) and Mankatha (2021). His best known role is that of a villain in a well made Tamil film, whose sarcastic wit and trademark punch lines have endeared him to Tamil audiences. Gautam has always maintained that he is not entirely happy with his salary as an actor in Bollywood, and in interviews he often refers to how Bollywood’s directors fail to realize his talent.

Gautam’s earnings from films have always hovered around the average figure. However, the question many Tamil fans ask themselves is how much Gautam actually earns, and whether or not it is enough to sustain him and his family? While some people may view his income as unjustly low, considering his body of work and the quality of films he has been in, some others believe that Gautam deserves every bit of his success, as he has always stated that Bollywood should be changed to reflect his own voice, and not those of lesser-known actors. What is Gautam Karthik’s net worth?

Gautam Karthik Full biography

Full Name Gautam Karthik
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth : 12 September 1989
Age 31 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Well, according to reliable sources, Gautam earns about Rs 65K per month from films. Film industry experts say that the low box office earnings for recent movies are mainly due to the lack of a good script and bad marketing strategy. Therefore, it is but natural for Gautam to earn lesser money from Tamil movies this time.

Gautam’s performance as Kaula in the Tamil movie “Nanban” was one of the most memorable performances in recent Tamil cinema history. He had a tough time playing the character, which is not easy to play for an audience. People had compared Gautam’s performance to that of Rajinikanth’s Rana, and Rana is definitely a much respected character in the genre. Gautam’s strength lies in his character of Kaula. According to reports, Gautam’s character managed to break all the norms of Tamil cinema, and that is why he was chosen to play the role.

Now that he is established in his role as Kaula, what else is left for Gautam to do to earn an additional income from Tamil films? Well, there are many other actor-directors working in the Tamil film industry. But, Gautam has the edge with the likes of Karthikeyan and Srikanth. Gautam has made steady earnings from his two films, “Kadru”, which was a commercial flop, and “Nanban”, which did well at the box office. Both films went on to win the best actor category at the Filmfare Awards along with a best director award for Gautam.

Another Tamil actor who is making good in his career is Jayakanth, who also has three films in the pipeline. The next film that he is scheduled to shoot will be directed by Anushka Shetty, who is also working on a remake of Hindi movie “E Tamil”. Tamil cinema is fast emerging as a major player in South India, where it was earlier ignored. Recent accolade for Gautam has been an opportunity to be a part of the Indian film fraternity. Tamil cinema directors are now shooting for a few movies in the next few months, which could lead to better earnings for Gautam.