Gavin Crawford Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Gavin Crawford net worth is the question which everybody asks since everybody has heard about his incredible and amazing net worth which made him a celebrity and what will make him a superstar like him. We have to know what he does exactly and what he does best for his daily life. Below are some of the questions and answers to what is Gavin Crawford’s net worth?

Gavin Crawford Net Worth

Gavin Crawford Net Worth is  $9 Million

Age & Date of Birth: Grown up boy, Gavin Crawford was born in Canada and has always been said as being just like an average Canadian. He was just like any average Canadian kid going to school and having friends who are like him. He was just like any other ordinary kid until he decided to change his life by getting into acting and going on all those popular TV shows like E.T.C.. and so many more where he became an actor and then a comic book hero. He loved playing the bad guy but was able to play good guys too.

Gavin Crawford Full Biography

Full Name Gavin Crawford
Net Worth  $9 Million
Date of Birth April 2, 1971
Age 50 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Date of Birth: He was born 2 APRIL 1971 and is a canadian comedian and actor. His real name is George Crawford and he went by the name Mike although most of his friends called him Gavin. He was only 16 when he came out of prison after being in jail for two years for breaking and entering. He served two terms in jail for this crime. Then he went on to become one of the top ranked comedians in the world.

Family & Marriage Status: He was married twice but his family has always said that he was actually just friends with them. His family said that he got the chance of seeing his own family during one of his visits and saw his half-brother, Michael, and his cousin, Rachel. So at the age of twelve he was already familiar with the family. His marriage to Lisa McAfee lasted only one year but he met her again after his marriage to Lisa and they were happily back together.

Gavin Crawford is also interesting because he managed to balance his career, his love life, and his responsibility as a father and husband while making movies that are popular both in Canada and America. This is a great example of how people can do something great while balancing their lives. He overcame his problem like maria to become an amazing actor and comedy.