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George Chiang biography details, height, age, weight and gender details of the famous Canadian actor George Chiang. George Chiang biography includes family relationships: wife or partner (wives or husband) for children; siblings; kids; parents; parents’ life. George Chiang Canadian TV Actor is survived by his five siblings, two sisters and two brothers. He is survived by his wife Linda Szypian whom he wed in 1970 and had one son called George; they have been married till George was seven years old. George Chiang biography also includes his birth certificate and marriage records

George Chiang Net Worth

George Chiang Net Worth is $560,000

George Chiang studied at the Royal College of Saint Benilde where he became a philosophy major. He was also a member of the debate team and played football. George Chiang became a member of the drama club and did voice and film sound work for the Royal Canadian Air Force. After the war he worked as a radio announcer and then news anchor for CIW Radio in Montreal. He became a feature writer for Variety magazine and was also an on-air personality on the CBC news reporting program.

George Chiang Full Biography

Full Name George Chiang
Net Worth  $560,000
Date of Birth October 23, 1976
Age 44 Years
Contact Number Unknown

George Chiang is well known for his stage plays which were mostly of the tragedy genre. These include “King George”, “The Mysterious Lady”, “The Man Who Played With Your Head” and “The Bodyguard”. George Chiang was also a producer and director with some of his plays appearing on stage and off screen. His first production was “The Man Who Played with Your Head” which was later made into a motion picture. George Chiang was also an in-demand writer during his lifetime.

George Chiang two other works also deserve mention; one is his play “The Addam’s Family” and the other is his play “King George VI”. Both of these plays dealt with the English monarch and his relationship with Queen Victoria. His play “The Addam’s Family” was later made into a movie and starred Russell Crow, Frank Sinatra and George Peppard. The movie which followed was “King George VI”. He also wrote a play about the English Queen Victoria entitled “Cardinal Point”. This play was later made into a movie starring George C. Scott and George Peppard.

George Chiang was also a celebrated author of children’s books. His most popular book was “Goodnight Moon” which was later made into a musical and went on to become a number one hit. Other books by George Chiang included “The Night Before Christmas” and “A Day in the Life of George”. George Chiang was also an acclaimed playwright. His plays such as “The Night before Christmas”, “A Day in the Life of George” and “Hamlet” are popular and have been seen on stage and screen.

Of course there are many more playwriting talents that George Shakespeare has displayed. He also served as a playwriting apprentice for two years to Richard III. After leaving school he was to apprentice for William Shakespeare. He also worked briefly with Henry VI. If you are looking for interesting information about George Chiang and playwriting then do a search on the internet.