George Clutesi Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

George Clutesi is an award winning Canadian television actor. George Clutesi’s net worth is estimated at about $67 million. George Clutesi was born in Canada. He became famous during the war when he appeared in many films.

George Clutesi Net Worth

George Clutesi Net Worth is $ USD 3 Million

George Clutesi Net Worth – by George Clutesi himself: “When I was cast in movies, my agent would call every evening and try to get me a part. Eventually, after a few attempts, I found one in which I could do something different, and it helped me build my character and my strength. George Clutesi is my symbol; I consider him my father. George Clutesi is my husband; he is like a brother to me.” George Clutesi biography by George Clutesi himself: “After George was cast in his first film he got to Hollywood by accident. He was in a play, and his mother told him he shouldn’t be there, but George insisted that he was coming and when his mother heard this she decided that George should be part of her family.”

George Clutesi Full Biography

Full Name George Clutesi
Net Worth USD 3 Million
Date of Birth 1905–1988
Age 83 Years
Contact Number Unknown

George Clutesi Canadian TV actor – his life story can be found on the internet. George was born and raised in Port Alberni, British Columbia. He is described as a very shy boy who was popular in the grade school. His teachers and classmates remember George as quiet and always doing his homework. George is described as a bright and intelligent child who also enjoyed sports.

George Clutesi’s net worth from all accounts is about two million dollars. George is described as being extremely humble and loving. George’s birth certificate is still found and acknowledged. George grew up in a large family that had five children. George’s net worth comes from a memoir that outlines his career and his art.

George Clutesi was an award winning actor in his youth. His best known roles are in movies such as Dune, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Dazed and Defined. George is also well known in Canada as an actor with a noted theatre career. George Clutesi’s net worth from all accounts comes from his acting career. George spent the first six years of his life in Canada and in those years he acted in some very good movies such as Dazed and Defined and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

George Clutesi’s wife at the time of his death was overwhelmed with all that she learned about George Clutesi and wanted to honor him by creating a George Clutesi Memorial. Her husband died several months later and George took his place on the funeral register as a painter. George Clutesi’s net worth from all accounts is extremely high and is likely to continue to increase. George Clutesi is just one example of a person who lived life to the fullest while earning as much or more than most were able to do in their lives.