Ishaan Khurrkhar Net Worth 2021- Income, Salary & Earnings

When we talk about Bollywood movies, Ishaan Khurrkhar, who plays the character of Shazahn Padamsee, is a favorite amongst the film fraternity. He has played different characters in different films. But what makes Ishaan so popular is his good looks and his distinct personality. The people who have played opposite Ishaan have commented that he is an enigma – a super smart actor with a mischievous nature. In fact, his first big break in Bollywood was in Rajneeti where he played a villain. But his good looks and distinct style have made him a favorite among the Bollywood elite.

Ishaan Khurrkhar Net Worth is $0.1 Million

How much is Ishaan Khurrkhar’s salary? This depends on the kind of film he is playing. Some movies might fetch him more money while some might fetch him less. But we all know that every actor in Bollywood is paid according to the merit and not on the basis of the money they earn.

We can find several movies starring Ishaan Khurrkhar. His first two films in Bollywood were Mankatha and Baahubali. The latter movie, which he starred in was an entry into the Filmfare Awards. And the reviews were all positive. The role of the villain in the movie was done by Anushka Shehnani. So we can safely presume that Ishaan earned around fifty thousand dollars for his first two films.

Today, Ishaan is hardly noticed. He is known more for his good looks and for his onscreen chemistry with Aishwarya Rai. There is no doubt that Ishaan’s salary is much lower than that of the other main actors in Bollywood. However, his earning potential still remains high.

Some of his films have been successful and some failed. But whatever movie he is in, one thing is for sure. No Bollywood actor has achieved as much success in his first two movies as Ishaan has. It is obvious that his earning potential is as high as it was in the nineties.

Ishaan’s income can be compared to that of Michael Jackson. How much money did he make from his music album? The answer is not very much. But we can say that Ishaan Khurrkhar has become a household name in Bollywood and has established himself as one of the best acting talents in the industry.

When he began his film career, he acted in just a few movies. But slowly but steadily, he started developing his acting skills and gradually started earning praises from the critics and the audience alike. Most of his first movies did not even get released. However, the success of “Aababs” led to more success and then came his first Oscar award for” taped speech”.

Aababs: This movie marked Ishaan’s entrance into the big world of Bollywood. He appeared in four movies in this genre and won three of them. His last film, “Chak De! India”, was a box office hit and paved the way for Ishaan to get his first Best Actor award in the process.