Jackson Davies Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Jackson Davies is a British actor who has been best known for playing the cynical character of Mike Castle in the popular Canadian television series Highway to Hell. He also played the same role in the British film The Cable Guy. Jackson Davies Net Worth was made famous in the seventies and eighties by Canadian independent film The Beachcombers as well as later British films The New Moon and Heat. Jackson Davies trivia will show that he has always remained in good standing with the British film industry as he has moved on to the American stage and screen.

Jackson Davies Net Worth

Jackson Davies Net Worth is $1 Million

Jackson Davies net worth is not something that is discussed much in the United States. However, Jackson is very well known in Canada. He has been acting throughout the decades. His first Canadian tour was in the play My Fair Lady, which was also his third Canadian film appearance. Jackson was one of the main actors of the play, which was very well received in Canadian theaters.

Jackson Davies Full Biography

Full Name Jackson Davies
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth March 17, 1950
Age 71 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Jackson Davies net worth is something that is not discussed much in the United States, although he is very popular in Canada. Jackson is currently single and has not been married for decades. While he is not married to any woman at this time, he is still active in his career as he is still working on various projects. Jackson is not exactly what you would consider a family man and he does not appear to have any children. However, he does have a daughter from a previous marriage, which is significant when discussing Jackson’s net worth.

Jackson is described as being very much a family man through the years and he has always made it a point to cook for his wife, step-daughter, and even his step-sisters. His step-sisters are much younger than he is, but he cooked their meals for them when he was alive. Jackson was very much a family man during his childhood and he had to cook for his parents as well as his brother and sisters. Jackson did not really appear to have a father figure in his childhood and he did not really seem to have a good relationship with his father figure or even one that was very close.

Jackson did date other women over the years, but he only dated Canadian television actor March Vallie for a short period of time. Jackson eventually got married to actress Nicole Kidman in the late seventies and they have been married ever since. They have two daughters together and they live in a house in Encinitas, California. Jackson and Nicole Kidman currently remain very much friends and they go out on romantic vacations on an annual basis.

Jackson Davies’ biographical book was published by Simon & Schuster and was a huge success due to its many excellent characteristics. Jackson is described as being extremely kind, outgoing, and extremely talented, all of which are extremely rare in this day and age. Jackson is not only described as being a very nice person with a great sense of humor, he is also extremely tall, which is one characteristic that comes from his acting career. Jackson is well known for his acting abilities and he has done quite well throughout his career, and is still in demand today as an actor.