Jacques Fauteux Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Jacques Fauteux is an actor of French Canadian nationality whose most popular roles have been on television shows. His best known role was on the television series Ripper Street. His other television roles included appearances on the films Housefull and The Royal. He also has appeared in some movies including King of the Hill, X-Files and Heat.

Jacques Fauteux Net Worth

Jacques Fauteux Net Worth is $ USD 3 Million

Jacques is listed as the highest paid actor on Canadian television. His paychecks are in the neighborhood of six or seven thousand dollars per episode. His other film roles have brought him to the attention of Hollywood. Some of them include the movies Big and Crazy, L. J. Smith: Made In America, The Perfect Score and Kung Mangaroo. His net worth is therefore in the vicinity of four or five million dollars. This is what has made him a name in the entertainment business and one of the highest paid actors.

Jacques Fauteux Full Biography

Full Name Jacques Fauteux
Net Worth USD 3 Million
Date of Birth 1933–2009
Age 76 Years
Contact Number Unknown

The question as to Jacques’ net worth is an interesting one. As already mentioned, he is one of the highest paid actors in the business. This has made him the subject of many rumors about his earnings. One such rumor is that he is paid so much because he is the product of a rich family. This is not true however, it is possible that the reason for this is that his name is very familiar to Americans and they like to imagine that there might be some link between their culture and his.

Jacques is also said to have been the target of some tasteless taunts on the set of Ripper Street. He has never denied that the taunts were directed at him, but he has also never confirmed that any of them were sincere. This is interesting in that there is no concrete evidence that this ever happened. There is also no confirmation as to whether or not the taunts affected his performance on the show.

Jacques is a curious case. He does not actually list how much money is in his bank account. This can make for interesting trivia later if a fan wants to piece together some movie magic and try to figure out how much the character of Jacques Net Worth really did earn. Some quick math will show that Jacques appears to have been paid about two thousand dollars per episode of the TV series Ripper Street.

The film industry is famous for its strange situations where actors are said to have been paid far less than they deserved. It is therefore important to check the facts when you hear a rumour about someone. If you have any proof, you will have more confidence in your assessment. Jacques Fauteux Net Worth is an interesting part of the film industry and one that anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about film should be familiar with.