Jai Sampath Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

This article explains everything about Tamil actor Jai Sampath and how he has made his fortune. Even many of Tamil speaking people are familiar with the name Jai. He is a prominent Tamil actor best known for his role of Kuzhik Aala in Iruvaranas Karthik movie. The role that made him famous is also one of the most controversial in his film career. People have a mixed opinion on Jai’s acting and upon first hearing about his biopic “Endhiran” (The Robot), most people had mixed opinions on the matter, while some had positive comments and praises while others had harsh words for the star.

As of this writing, Jai has an estimated net worth of around Rs 15 billion. Most people will agree that Jai’s income is mostly due to the movie business, but the question is how much is that from the film business? There were reports that said that the Tamil film market has been contracting steadily for the past few years and it was only in January this year that Tamil movies saw a rise in sales. Most of the movies saw takers in India and the entire country, but the film “Endhiran” saw a huge hit in China, where it was released on February 13th and generated fantastic box office results.

 Jai Sampath Full biography

Full Name Jai Sampath
Net Worth 3-4 Million USD
Date of Birth  6, April 1984
Age 37 years
Contact Number Unknown


Another part of the film, which received good returns was the story line. Tamil films generally have excellent storylines and this film did not disappoint in any way. People loved the character of Jai, which is not uncommon amongst Tamil actors and they continued to talk about this movie even after its release.

So how much do we talk about Jai? Well, judging by his bankable roles and his enormous net worth, Jai is earning enough to make any movie a success. It is expected that more movies will be in the pipeline for him in the near future. It is no wonder that people started discussing how much Jai should earn from the Hindi film industry. People are looking up to him as an actor and a star, which is evident from his innumerable fans.

Some people have compared Jai to Sangakkara. However, Sangakkara too is an incredible actor who has created a firm fan base in India and abroad. His films are popular worldwide and not in Tamil alone. People idolize him and want to be like him. Jai may not be on the same level as Sangakkara, but he too is an incredible actor with amazing acting skills and qualities, which are necessary in order to succeed in the Bollywood film industry.

Overall, Jai is earning a fine share of earnings from Hindi films and Tamil movies. Like all good Tamil actors, he too is bankable and has a good body of work. His two recent films, “Iruvar” and “Reality” have bagged decent reviews from the critics and have generated good box office collections. These films have also established him as one of the better Tamil actors, apart from Srikanth. His best known roles are Kannan, in “Iruvar”, and Ajith in “Reality”. In fact, Jai has acted in several other films, which further enhance his bankable status.