Jeremy Guilbaut Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Jeremy Guilbaut net worth is a singer, actor and producer who has played a key role in both the music and television industry. He is well known for his great voice and has appeared in numerous popular television shows such as Psych, Absolutely Fabulous, Spinney Brother’s Wedding, Bridesmaids and The Suite Life of somebody with A Degree. Jeremy is most well known for being one half of the musical duo Foals.

Jeremy Guilbaut Net Worth

Jeremy Guilbaut Net Worth is  $1 million – $4 million

Jeremy Guilbaut is originally from Canada where he was said to have grown up in a small fishing village called Brossington, which is now part of British Columbia. It is here that he gained an early interest in acting and eventually decided to become a musician after joining the band Gin Train. In the late eighties, Jeremy Guilbaut moved to Los Angeles and worked on several movies including one about a young woman who was reported to be a virtual sex slave. Later roles in films such as Teenager, Tin Cup and Angels with Dirty Faces earned Jeremy Guilbaut his reputation as one of the best actors working in the field today.

Jeremy Guilbaut Full Biography

Full Name Jeremy Guilbaut
Net Worth  $1 million – $4 million
Date of Birth June 2, 1980
Age 41 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Jeremy Guilbaut’s biography also shows that he has an extremely close relationship with his brother, Ryan. The two remain close friends and go on tour together whenever they are able to. Jeremy grew up in their town of St. John’s, Maine along with his parents, sisters and brother. His younger sister is said to be very close to Jeremy as well.

Jeremy Guilbaut net worth is listed at exactly two years and one month old. He was born in Canada and according to what is said in the biography, he was adopted by French Canadian parents when he was only 2 years old. His adoptive parents were not in a position to feed him properly at the time so his biological father introduced him to bottle feeding. He did receive one bottle feeding though and then began to eat solid food. The said biography further states that when Jeremy was four years old his biological father died and then his mother took him to live with her in Canada. This was when he was supposed to receive proper nutrition and health care.

When we look at Jeremy Guilbaut’s filmography, we see that he mainly starred in films such as Saturday Night Fever, Come Back Tonight, Grease and Awakenings among others. It is interesting to note that his first two films were in the genre of horror films such as Necropolis and Vampires Among Us. It seems like he began to branch out when he was older. As much as he is known for being a musical genius, he also did quite well in drama courses. His acting prowess has also led to him landing some supporting roles which eventually led to him getting his first big break in his career.

The biographical information that is provided in the Jeremy Guilbaut net worth article states that he has also been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role twice. Therefore it is expected that he will be up for consideration for the role of Captain Jean Luc Picard in the next Trek movie. Another actor that is commonly associated with the role of Jean Luc Picard in the Next Gen films is none other than Patrick Stewart. Whether or not Jean Luc remains the butt of the joke in the Next Gen series will have to be seen once the actor has passed on.