Jesse Collins Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Jesse Collins is a Canadian actor who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and has also appeared in a number of plays and films. His most recent film role was in the movie “Million Dollar Baby”. He has made several television appearances on Canadian television including “Torchwood” and ” Mondays”. He has also appeared in several Canadian movies and has achieved an average net worth of about forty million dollars.

Jesse Collins Net Worth

Jesse Collins Net Worth is $2.96 Million

The Jesse Collins family is an interesting one. His mother is fairly well known in the theatre community as being very famous. Her son, Jesse, is not. But it appears that his mother’s fame is what has helped to raise Jesse from a young age which is why he decided to pursue an acting career in the first place. The other members of the Collins family are all normal looking people and do not really feature in any statistics on the net worth of Jesse Collins.

Jesse Collins Full Biography

Full Name Jesse Collins
Net Worth $2.96 Million
Date of Birth December 9, 1961
Age 59 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Jesse Collins’ other siblings are also quite well known. sister Rosemary is a dancer who appeared in a couple of music videos while brother Ryan played football for the Hamilton Bulldogs in Canada. All three of Jesse’s sisters have careers of their own in the music and acting industry so far. They are all celebrities in their own right and probably earn more than Jesse Collins does from his acting gigs.

It is clear from the above data that Jesse Collins is not a celebrity in the true sense of the word but more like a average Canadian citizen. His net worth is more than sufficient to pay the bills each month but not much more. He is probably best known to American audiences through his appearances on television shows such as ‘Wide World Of Sports’ and ‘The Apprentice’. These shows did not really boost his popularity with American viewers though.

There are several Jesse Collins Net Worth Facts available about the actor on the wikipedia page for the actor. His real name is Jesse Collins but he sometimes goes by either Mikey or Jesse too. The wikipedia article on the Net does not give much information about his height or weight as he was not much of a buff when he was young and was always described as being average in size. It does say that he was an active swimmer when he was a teenager though and this accounts for his long height and biceps that have given him the nickname “Biceps Jones”.

Jesse Collins was born in Scarborough on the coast of Ontario in Canada. His birth sign is Taurus. His star sign is Virgo. Jesse Collins was raised in the North York area of North America where it is said that he was a fairly common child with many friends. It is believed that he may have been influenced by the Y generation of people who were famous for their debauched lifestyles. He is best known for his role of Mikey Everingham on the television sitcom “Happy Days” as well as “The Blues Brothers” and “American Pie”.