Jiiva Net Worth,-2022 Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Tamil actor Jiiva is the face of the Tamil cinema industry. His recent action and crime movies have won him several Filmfare Awards and international accolades. But what is his net worth? Did he become that successful, so quickly? In this article we will try to answer those questions for you.

According to the Tamil newspaper Tamil Times, Jiiva made his first film after completing school, at the age of 18 in 1980. Though he had no acting experience, his performance in the film “Situpatti” made him famous. His first major role was in the hit movie “Reicha” where he had a memorable role as the villainous character Vaitape.

Jiiva  Full biography

Full Name  Jiiva
Net Worth  13.846 million
Date of Birth 01/04/1984
Age 37 Years
Contact Number Unknown


From there, the actor went on to play different villains in various other films. But his most popular character to play till date is the main protagonist of the Bond movie franchise, James Bond Casino Royale. One of the best films of all time, Casino Royale is the only Bond film every person in the world loves to watch. The character of Bond is a super spy, that solves the mystery in London by getting into tricky situations.

Jiiva has also played different heroes and villains in the same franchise. Some of his best characters include Dr Who, Professor X and even Yoda. These were some of the films that defined an era when Hollywood started to make iconic films based on espionage. Jiiva’s contributions as an actor are many and have enabled him to land himself roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest films of all time. It is quite interesting how swiftly change can affect an actor’s career.

Now, if you ask what is the current earning graph for Jiiva, you will get some surprising answers. He has earned his first million dollar role after playing a character in the Tamil movie called “Aarakshan”. Since then he has gained more accolades and has become one of the highest paid actors in India today. All this has enabled him to have a luxurious lifestyle and also enable him to meet his family and take care of them.

But perhaps the most important thing that has helped to earn him his income is the Internet. Tamil movies and Tollywood are immensely popular on the Internet now and the actor is able to earn huge revenue through YouTube videos of his films. That is why there can hardly be an actor in India who does not have a website these days.