Joe Cobden Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Joe Cobden is an American actor who has been in the movie industry for many years. Joe Cobden was born in 1941 and grew up in Ohio. He went on to play several characters in the early movies that became iconic. His most notable role was as the sheriff in the film Wild Hogs.

Joe Cobden was one of three original cast members from the film Wild Hogs that still had the same father as his biological father, Joe Cobden Sr. Joe’s father worked as a construction worker and his mother was a maid. Joe Cobden was very close to his family and he made sure that his biological family were very happy. Joe Cobden’s net worth is still unknown but he does have a net worth of some $300k according to one biographer.

Joe Cobden Net Worth

Joe Cobden Net Worth is $20 Million.

Joe Cobden was one of the main stars of the film Wild Hogs. He played the role of Private Joe Cobden who was a part of the FBI’s Most Dangerous criminals team. Joe is seen as a tough guy and even though he was a criminal, he had a soft side to him. According to his biographer he never lost touch with his family and still had close friends. Joe Cobden’s net worth is still unknown but he is said to have worked with actors as well as other famous people.

Joe Cobden Full Biography

Full Name Joe Cobden
Net Worth  $20 Million.
Date of Birth October 7, 1978
Age 43 Years
Contact Number Unknown

One biography states that Joe Cobden was in a car accident when he was fifteen years old and suffered a broken leg. This is mentioned in the book “Cobden: His Life, His Fortune, and His Dogs” written by Patrick Deneen. Joe Cobden was married three times and had four children. It is stated that his family ran out of money due to his heavy work and never expected to see Joe alive again. Joe Cobden’s net worth cobden net worth is unknown but it is believed that he had to sell some of his shares in the family business to pay for his medical treatment which he received in prison.

Patrick Deneen states in his book that Joe Cobden was a very shy man who was comfortable around others with his abilities as a writer but not so much with people in general. Joe Cobden was in a relationship with a lady and they were planning on getting married but Joe was killed during an attempted mugging. Joe’s best friend was crushed to death in the crash which also claimed the life of the woman that Joe was in love with. Joe Cobden was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his best friend and was paroled after serving eleven years in prison.

Joe Cobden died in prison without any visitation rights to his children although he left a wife and two children who are now grown. Joe’s biographer, Patrick Deneen has worked hard to create a comprehensive portrait of the life of Joe Cobden which includes his childhood, his marriage and his imprisonment for fourteen years. The biography provides details of Joe Cobden’s trials and triumphs as a writer, artist and tour guide although he was kept imprisoned for many years and suffered many health problems throughout his life. Joe Cobden net worth is unknown but it is estimated that he made anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars a year in his career as a writer and tour guide and was also a successful sculptor.