John Colicos Net Worth 2022- Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

John Colicos net worth, age, name, date, height, weight, biography, facts, all about John Colicos. In this short article, we will find out how old is John Colicos anyway? Who else is John Colicos married to & how much does John Colicos family make? John Colicos biography.

John Colicos was born in Guatemala, raised there by his grandparents. John grew up and got a high school diploma. John Colicos went on to study engineering at university in Canada. John Colicos went to Hollywood to study acting. John Colicos made several movies with big budget Hollywood talent agencies such as Disney and Twentieth Century Fox. The most notable of these movies was the John Colicos comedy ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

John Colicos Net Worth

John Colicos Net Worth is  $17 Million

John Colicos net worth, age, name, birth date is John Colicos. John Colicos trivia has it that John Colicos was born on December 10th, 1970 in Guatemala City, the same day that Guatemalan president Salvador Allende was shot. John Colicos was one of eleven children whose mothers lost their battle to keep their unborn babies alive. John Colicos was given his birth name John David Young by his mother after her death. His father, on the other hand, was named Samuel David Coliccos.

John Colicos Full Biography

Full Name John Colicos
Net Worth  $17 Million
Date of Birth 1928–2000
Age 71 Years
Contact Number Unknown

John Colicos net worth has it that John Colicos was listed as the number one Hollywood celebrity of all time. John Colicos trivia tells us that John Colicos did not receive a star on the Stars for his role as Jesus in the movie, neither did he win any Academy Awards for his role in that film. John Colicos is also known for playing the father in the award winning documentary titled “Going Bald”. There have been reports that claim John Colicos did receive an award for that film but those reports remain unconfirmed.

John Colicos trivia tells us that John Colicos was born in Guatemala City, in what is now the province of Quenqo. John Colicos had played several different parts in movies throughout his career, including one role in Goodbye Pork Puppies. John Colicos trivia has it that the role of Jesus in the movie was played by Aleksander Ingvarsson. John Colicos grew up in Toronto, Canada and worked briefly in the city as a garbage collector. John Colicos later became well known as an actor and went on to star in numerous movies, winning four Academy Awards and two Golden Globes for his work in those movies.

John Colicos trivia will also tell you that John Colicos was married three times, first to Estrella Palloza, then to Blanca Diaz Ordaz and finally to Juanita Oviedo. John Colicos was born in Guatemala City, Mexico and is described as either a Rican or Mexican. John Colicos served a brief term in the Guatemala National Guard and was captured by the Americans during the War in Vietnam. John Colicos trivia will also show that John Colicos is related to the Filipino musician and actor Jose P. Laurel.