John Dunsworth Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

John Dunsworth Net Worth is a Canadian television actor and voice over artist, known for his many roles in movies and cartoons. John Dunsworth started acting at the age of five in movies such as Toy Story. He went on to play different characters in a variety of television shows and animated films. John Dunsworth family has a home in Toronto, Canada. John Dunsworth received three Gemini Awards from Variety TV Awards in 2021.

John Dunsworth Net Worth

John Dunsworth Net Worth is $500 Thousand

John Dunsworth net worth is unknown. John Dunsworth how much he makes per year is unknown. However, according to some sources, John Dunsworth made between eleven and fifteen million dollars a year. John Dunsworth has had various roles in television shows and movies including The Fantastic Four, The Fantastic Show, Family Guy, Roseanne Barr, Eureka, roommates, and has also had small parts in movies such as Stagecoach.

John Dunsworth Full Biography

Full Name John Dunsworth
Net Worth $500 Thousand
Date of Birth 1946–2017
Age 71 Years
Contact Number Unknown

John Dunsworth net worth was spotlighted in the movie The Cable Guy. In this movie he plays David Cross, a man who works for a company called “Cable Guy”. This company provides cable services throughout Nova Scotia. It is revealed in the movie that John Dunsworth does not have very much money and is living on a benefits. It is shown in the movie that John Dunsworth lives in a cabin in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and takes food stamps and Canadian citizenship cards.

John Dunsworth’s net worth is not exactly clear. He is shown as living in a cabin in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. He took a Canadian citizenship card in the year 2021 which indicates that he has been a resident of Nova Scotia since that time. His given age is 65 years old, which makes him a resident of Nova Scotia since at least the year 2021.

John Dunsworth’s real net worth is much more than what he is shown to be. He has also been an actor on TV shows such as Bullish, Gossip Girl, and it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. John Dunsworth has also had four children. His youngest two children are twins. His youngest child is about four years old, making him one of the youngest TV actors in the world.

John Dunsworth’s real worth is much more than what he is portrayed to be. His income source is almost entirely from acting. He has no other outside sources of income. John Dunsworth is simply an excellent actor, with the ability to bring delight to millions of viewers. John Dunsworth has earned his fair share of money, and does not need any other outside income source to support himself.